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  • my space

    my space - 2005-03-05

    Igor Pavlov, please can you take this minor fixes in your next version of 7-zip :

    - 7zip/Bundles/SFXCon/Main.cpp
    #ifdef _WIN32
    #include "../../UI/Common/ZipRegistry.h"

    - please choose the case of the filename PPMDType.h according to #include "PP..."
      p7zip uses PPMdType.h (because of includes)

    - 7zip/Crypto/AES/MyAES.cpp
      comment in comment.
      p7zip uses "#if 0" and "#endif" instead of "/*" and "*/"

    - 7zip/UI/Common/Extract.h
      the #include "MyOpenArchive.h" is useless.
      (and the files MyOpenArchive.h and MyOpenArchive.cpp are useless ?)

    - Common/CommandeLineParser.h

      -#include "String.h"- becomes -#include "Common/String.h"-
      to avoid confusion with <string.h> on some filesystems (case insensitive)

    - 7zip/UI/Common/Update.cpp
      "class CCurrentDirRestorer" is useless
      p7zip use "#ifdef _WIN32" and "#endif" to exclude this code.

    - Common/Wildcard.cpp
      "static const wchar_t kDiskNameDelimiterChar = ':';" is useless

    - Windows/COM.h
      "#ifdef _WIN32" for "class CStgMedium".
      Do you need it ?

    fixes that you can think about :
    - Common/Windows.h
        #ifdef _WIN32

        #include <windows.h>
        #define CHAR_PATH_SEPARATOR '\\'
        #define WCHAR_PATH_SEPARATOR L'\\'

        #define STRING_PATH_SEPARATOR "\\&quot;
        #define WSTRING_PATH_SEPARATOR L"\\&quot;


        #define CHAR_PATH_SEPARATOR '/'
        #define WCHAR_PATH_SEPARATOR L'/'

        #define STRING_PATH_SEPARATOR "/"
        #define WSTRING_PATH_SEPARATOR L"/"

      and use this defines in your code.

    - In order to avoid multiple layers API, I made some code cleanup :
        - "myWindows/myFiles.cpp" is now in "Windows/FileIO.cpp"
        - "myWindows/myFindFile.cpp" is now in "Windows/FileFind.cpp"
        - "myWindows/myDirectoryAndPath.cpp" is now in "Windows/FileDir.cpp"
        - "myWindows/myEvents.cpp" is now in "Windows/Synchronization.cpp"
        - "myWindows/wine_strings.cpp" is now in "Windows/String.cpp"

       but now "Windows/" should be "OS/" or something like that ;)
       and #include "Windows/X.h" should be "OS/X.h" ...

    • callmeace rivers

      7-zip is already one of the most stable and compact programs around when seen against it's 'competitors', but it would be nice to see it getting even better.

      It would nice to see some more optimizations for speed of decoding - especially it's own 7z LZMA and the bzip2 formats..... I have gone back to using normal ZIP deflate compression over from 7z believe it or not, because of terribly slow decoding of 7z... :-(

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2005-03-07

      I've fixed most things. Thanks!


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