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8 hours ago
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  • Nirmala

    Nirmala - 2016-11-11

    below is the code which was working with 9.02 version but after upgrading to 16.04 versoin it is not createing 7-Zip file. Is there any changes need to be done to support latest version?

    m_objStatusLog.CurrentStep = "Initiating 7-zip process"
    Dim zipProcess As New Process
    Dim zipProcessStartInfo As New ProcessStartInfo
    zipProcessStartInfo.FileName = "7z.exe"

        If p_sPassword = "" Then
            'System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("wzzip.exe", p_sFileName & ".zip " & _
            'p_sFileName & p_sFileNameExtension & " " & p_sFileName & "_Header.txt")
            m_objStatusLog.CurrentStep = "Initiating 7-zip process - No Password"
            zipProcessStartInfo.Arguments = "a -sfx7z.sfx """ & p_sFileName & ".exe "" " & p_sFileName & p_sFileNameExtension & " " & p_sFileName & "_Header.txt"
            'zipProcessStartInfo.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Maximized
            'System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("wzzip.exe", " -s""" & p_sPassword & """ " & p_sFileName & ".zip " & _
            'p_sFileName & p_sFileNameExtension & " " & p_sFileName & "_Header.txt")
            m_objStatusLog.CurrentStep = "Initiating 7-zip process - With Password - " & p_sPassword
            zipProcessStartInfo.Arguments = "a -sfx7z.sfx """ & p_sFileName & ".exe "" -p""" & p_sPassword & """ " & p_sFileName & p_sFileNameExtension & " " & p_sFileName & "_Header.txt"
        End If
        zipProcessStartInfo.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Maximized
        m_objStatusLog.CurrentStep = "Start 7-ZIP Process"
        zipProcess = Process.Start(zipProcessStartInfo)
        m_objStatusLog.CurrentStep = "End 7-ZIP Process"
  • KrashDummy

    KrashDummy - 2016-11-20


    Tested on Windows 7 x64, 7-zip version 16.02 and 16.04, 64 bit.
    Found a bug. The Add to archive dialog box ignores the phrase "s=e" in Parameters field.

    That is, it doesn't only ignores the parameter "s=e" - it makes the archive non-solid. I put together 3 screenshots into a pdf to show what I mean.

    I don't think this bug affect the 32 bit version - but haven't tested yet.

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2016-11-20

    Now you need to use it so:

    qs s=e

    read also
    I'll update help file in next version.

    • f2d

      f2d - 9 hours ago

      I think it'd be better for "s=e" to imply "qs" then.

  • Leonid

    Leonid - 2016-11-29

    Seems like on win 7 x64 in 64bit version of 7z compression dialog synchronization of *.7z archive with several solid blocks is not working as expected because it don't delete files that are not exist in selected list.

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2016-11-30

      If file exists in archive, but is not matched with wildcard, then 7-zip copies that file to new archive.
      And if you select folder instead of exact files, then 7-zip will process all files in that folder.

      • Leonid

        Leonid - 2016-11-30

        What will be the best way to synchronize contents of folder that consists entirely from subfolders and each subfolder contains some directory structure of severel level of files and folders with files?

        • Igor Pavlov

          Igor Pavlov - 2016-12-01

          it will work.
          If you select folder, it works for all folder and files in that folder.
          But "synchronize" doesn't work for items that are not selected.
          So "synchronize" means "synchronize_selected" items.

  • soldatovaua

    soldatovaua - 2016-12-04

    Чтобы не создавать отдельную тему, пишу здесь.
    Я исправил перевод 7-Zip на русский язык. Можете его посмотреть и интегрировать в программу? Замечания по переводу готов обсуждать.
    И еще вопрос: если интегрировать, то только в версию 16.04 или одновременно в 9.20?

    In order not to create a separate topic, I write here.
    I corrected the 7-Zip is a Russian translation. You can check it and integrate into the program? Translation Notes ready to discuss.
    And another question: if the integration, it is only in version 16.04 or 9.20 at the same time?

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2016-12-05

      Thanks. I'll look later.
      9.20 updating is not interesting for me.

  • soldatovaua

    soldatovaua - 2016-12-17

    We checked the translation?

  • CSch

    CSch - 2016-12-17

    Can't run Client7z.exe and others, because all of them fail here;
    Line 540, 7zHandlerOut.cpp, HRESULT res = SetMainMethod(methodMode, ....)
    Line 122, 7zHandlerOut.cpp, CMethodFull &methodFull = methodMode.Methods.AddNew();
    Visual Studio 2015, Problem seems to be in: myVector.h, AddNew()

  • CSch

    CSch - 2016-12-17

    Misinterpreted the AddNew, the problem is that is does find some codecs, hard to debug....

  • fb2_user

    fb2_user - 2016-12-23

    There is the context menu item "CRC-SHA" - its very helpful, but can you add COMPARE button?
    I have SHA-256 string "469b346800c71a60bd7204e03d4cc909c2dc1099f6fc1eaade320411f0fd2990"
    its too difficult to understand - corrupted file or not ;)

  • lichao

    lichao - 2016-12-24

    Baidu download zip compression package, using 7z16.04 codecs show: the head of the error. Use Winrar decompression there is no problem.

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2016-12-24

      Please attach small example of such archive.

  • lichao

    lichao - 2016-12-24

    Please look at the

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2016-12-24

      The headers contain error:
      crc-32 value in "File header" in "Central directory" is 0 (zero).
      You can see it in Explorer, WinRar and in 7-zip.
      Other programs ignore that error. But 7-zip shows error message.
      So please try to find developers of software that was used to create that archive and report them about that error.

      • lichao

        lichao - 2016-12-25

        But with other software can extract, 7-zip can not.

        • Igor Pavlov

          Igor Pavlov - 2016-12-25

          But with 7-zip you know that there is problem with archive. So you can try to fix that problem. With another software you don't know about that problem.

          Maybe I can try to fix 7-zip for that case. So it will extract file and then report about problem.

  • Juane Kame

    Juane Kame - 2016-12-30


    I noticed the latest version doesn't complain about truncated archives (zip and rar3/5 at least), unlike the previous ones. On the one hand I like being able to access the files that are there up to the truncation point, on the other hand a notification about truncation would be useful.

    Speaking about notifications, somehow showing the file comment for zip/rar archives when opening one using the file manager would be very useful!


    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2016-12-30

      It must work if you select archive and press "test" or "extract".

  • L. E.

    L. E. - 2017-01-14

    Hi Igor,

    When archiving a huge file (using the UI), I got a insufficient memory message.

    This is related to the maximum number of threads it may use. The default being shown on my machine is 16.
    Meaning: having 4 physical cores, each with a virtual one, and 2 threads per core makes 16 (=(4+4)*2) ?

    In case 7z detects insufficient memory, it could lower the number of threads by its self if its higher than 1.

    In this case I set the number to 4, and it worked. I did not try the range 5-15, ...

    I am using v16.04


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