Difference in 7zip format

  • John Naughton

    John Naughton - 2004-12-07

    I have noticed some who just use 7zip, now the only way I can explain this is as follows: I get the version of bangbang023's custom build of Firefox with the 7zip, but the way he makes it, after downloading it, it doesn't have a folder like some other folks use. His is much simpler to use as it is self-installing, the other way it comes in a folder looking icon with the little 7zip icon on the top right hand corner of the folder.

    What or how would you go about making your downloads (applications) the way bangbang023 does it? To clear up any confusion, his seems to be self-installing using 7zip and others make it in a folder type download. Using the folder type download you must extract all the files into the 7zip software. The self-installer makes it so easy to install into your directory. Anyone have any explanations on this?

    • Ares

      Ares - 2004-12-08

      I believe you're talking about making a self-extracting 7z file that extracts to a temp folder, allows the program to install, then deletes the temp files, correct?  Like the Firefox installer does (the Mozilla standard build also uses the 7z format, actually).

      Try RejZoR's EasySFX program for 7z files:

      His main site is at http://www.excessive-software.tk/

      On another note, I too am looking for a better SFX program.  This one doesn't handle setups that load, say, setup.exe but actually do the installing from setup.msi.  Basically, I need it to wait on a seperate process before it goes deleting the temp files.


      • John Naughton

        John Naughton - 2004-12-11

        Something to that effect. I think the difference is one is an archive and the other is the program or exe itself. Yes you are correct the Mozilla versions that some of the developer's use just imediately download after you have picked out or created a new directory or folder for it.

        But when I click on the 7zip's from bangbang023's versions I still retain the download as I save it to disk, and don't open it until it has finished downloading, this way if I decide to delete it I can always re-install it fresh as I have it saved to disk.


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