7-Zip 9.38 beta

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  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2015-01-03

    7-Zip 9.38 beta was released.

    You can download 7-Zip 9.38 beta from SourceForge site:


    What's new after 7-Zip 9.36 beta:

    • Some bugs were fixed.
    • ZerOne

      ZerOne - 2015-01-04

      Thank You Igor for the latest update of 7zip.

      I've 2 question:

      1. When use LZMA2, the console command -md= can't be greater than -md=111 but when I use LZMA, the max of the -md= is -md128
        Is it the limitation of LZMA2 ?

      2. How can I use LZMA:28 (256MB) instead of LZMA:27 (128MB)
        I use this code: 7z.exe a -t7z -m0=LZMA2 -mmt=on -mx9 -mf=on -md=111m -mfb=273
        The result is always LZMA:27
        Is there a way, so I can use LZMA:28

      Thank you.

      • Igor Pavlov

        Igor Pavlov - 2015-01-04

        1) There is some code that changes the stored value for dictionary size to one of the recommended size: 64M, 96M, 128M, 192M, 256M, ...

        2) GUI 7-Zip can use some additional DLL file that uses some addresses in virtual space (2 GB in 32-bit mode). So 32-bit version can't allocate big continuous block of virtal memory.

        You can check virtual memory map with some program (maybe something from sysinternals).

        • Shell

          Shell - 2015-01-05

          VMMap is an example of such a program. To answer ZerOne's question, current versions of 7-Zip cannot use LZMA:28 under 32-bit Windows at all. LZMA:192m is possible by means of some hacking (though I have not yet succeeded). For details, please refer to feature request #1200.

          • ZerOne

            ZerOne - 2015-01-06

            Thanks Shell, I will look forward for the feature request #1200

        • ZerOne

          ZerOne - 2015-01-06

          Thanks for the information description Igor, now I'll try to use 7zip v9.36 (x64)

    • mussya

      mussya - 2015-03-11

      Игорь вопрос. А как в командном файле прописать настройки архивации, аналогиные скрину:
      Я часто архивирую видео файлы.
      вот пример командного файла, который я использую:

      for %%X in (.) do "C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip\7z.exe" a "%%~nX.7z" "%%X" -p123

      голову себе сломал уже :))))

      Last edit: mussya 2015-03-11
  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2015-01-03

    Additional information about changes:
    - There are some changes in source code for better compatibility with GCC compiler.
    - The BUG in 9.26-9.36 was fixed:
    Some code in CPP\7zip\Archive\7z\ worked correctly only under Windows.
    - The BUG in 9.31-9.36 was fixed:
    7-Zip didn't use new code that allows to read file pathnames from 7z archive faster.
    - The bugs were fixed in tar and nsis code.
    - Minor change in LZMA decoding source code.

  • Ł. M. P. P.

    Ł. M. P. P. - 2015-01-03

    Can you add "Desktop" to main pull-down list of directories (text # 7100 in language file)? Of course Desktop can be added to bookmarks, but this is generally less convenient. And archives are frequently downloaded to and manipulated on Desktop.

  • voodoo84

    voodoo84 - 2015-01-03

    Thank you very much for your effort, Igor. It's great you put higher priority on fixing and polishing the existing code instead of adding new functionality.

  • thexfile

    thexfile - 2015-01-04

    Thank You, Igor

  • Rich McGrew

    Rich McGrew - 2015-01-04

    Thanks! Also is it true there is a 15.xx version you plan on releasing... a newer branch? I guess the 15 would be based on the last 2 digits of the current year, 2015. This also explains the jump from version 4.xx to 9.xx. I wonder what major changes will be in 15.xx that explain the big jump in version numbers. Anyway it's good you keep releasing bugfixes for the existing branch (which used to be stable, then went to beta, then alpha, then back to beta again). Looking at your recent work I guess you might actually put out a stable release of 9.xx in the next year, before moving on to 15.xx, so that the 9.xx branch ends on something as stable and bug-free as possible. I think this is a great idea! Keep up the good work... I am guessing in version 15.xx you might introduce a new compression format with an even better compression ratio? Perhaps it might be called LZMA3, to build on LZMA and LZMA2? Just guessing...

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2015-01-04

      There are some reasons why I want to use new major numbers (15.xx). I don't plan new compression methods in first 15.xx versions.

  • gora2

    gora2 - 2015-01-04

    Hi, Igor
    All files:
      Copyright (c) 1999-2014

    Happy New 2015!

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2015-01-04

      Yes, I've updated strings for dates, but these Copyright strings were in another folder.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2015-01-04

    This version has a virus so indicates the avast.

    Please also update the English language file to 9.38 and newer versions.

    • Nebiun

      Nebiun - 2015-01-04

      Virus? I use Avast, too.
      No virus found in x86 .exe and x64 .msi

    • MoisheP

      MoisheP - 2015-01-05

      Avast! did not find the malware in the installer, but upon running the installed 64-bit 7-Zip version 9.38 to unzip a file, Avast! identified 7zFM.exe as malware. After repairing 7-Zip and trying it again, the same issue occurred. I'm now using v. 9.36 without issue. Could the problem be due to heuristics in Avast!, rather than malware signature?

      Last edit: MoisheP 2015-01-05
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2015-01-04

    for me it is in 64 bit. avast says it was malvar, and deletes the file from the 7-zip

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2015-01-04

      What file does it delete?

      • Anonymous

        Anonymous - 2015-01-04

        a file that runs 7-zip

  • Richard Lukins

    Richard Lukins - 2015-01-04

    Hi and thanks for a great utility!
    During a Windows 7 64bit upgrade, the installer failed to remove the old version and searched for the original 9.20 msi file, which was on a network drive, and still there, but could not gain correct permissions (was not read only on this machine, but should have been), would only uninstall if I copied the original 920 msi file to the local machine (so I guess it needed admin rights?). During uninstall it prompted for the file, so selected the local copy I created and it then uninstalled ok, allowing the new install to complete ok. Not sure if that's a 9.20 issue or the new beta?

    We keep all install files on a read only server share (once they have been vetted and approved/virus free etc), can the uninstall feature be "fixed" to not need admin or write access to the original install file?
    I guess many people would not even keep the old install file anyway, but we keep old versions ... just in case!

    Thanks and can't wait to see V15...

  • szfong

    szfong - 2015-01-04

    7z938-x64.msi appears to have sharing violation during update from previous 7z936-x64.msi under Win7x64. I had to once again needed to uninstall, before updating. Better installation code needs to be written to resolve in use issues. Thanks.

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2015-01-04

      There was no change in msi script.
      Maybe there was some lock for some EXE or DLL file?

      • szfong

        szfong - 2015-01-04

        There was no change in msi script.
        Maybe there was some lock for some EXE or DLL file?

        Would you consider making the msi script properly un-install the previous version before updating? Here's what the error looks like:

        alternate text

        I was able to reproduce the error, whenever I right click the mouse on an icon. Then even after waiting for half an hour, I tried installing 7-Zip and I get that error message. I suspect it is the 7-Zip explorer shell extension that is causing this.

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