7-Zip 9.30 alpha

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  • h311sdr0id

    h311sdr0id - 2013-11-20

    Thank You-

    I just wanted to say thanks for all your time and effort. I have been using 7zip for years now, and I never leave home without it. Whether it's on my phone or laptop or computer, I always have it with me and I use it for everything.

    Nobody should be complaining about time and/or waiting. Just because there was a stretch between versions (I think someone said 14 months?), that doesn't mean anything. As an Open Source Developer myself, I know how hard times can be. I also know how discouraging and frustrating it can be when people are asking for things and expect-them/want-them now. It is hard to get motivated when you need to take hours and days out of your own life to work on something that you don't get paid for. Especially when people are complaining all the time and expecting things from you like they paid $1000 for it...

    Open Source work is done because the Devs want to share with the world and believe that they are truly helping others. That is what motivates me. So everyone give Igor a break. 7zip works. And it works great. The Latest Stable Version is spectacular. Anything improved in 7zip is really just a bonus. Things like 7zip don't get updated as often because they work, and are rock-solid.

    Thank You Again
    For ALL Your Time and Efforts


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    • Ghost Templar

      Ghost Templar - 2013-11-25

      Just because something works though, doesn't mean it can't be improved. For a user-focused application 7-Zip still has a number of issues. I know it's taboo to compare it to WinRAR, but just hear me out:

      • WinRAR has icons in the context menu when you right-click a file. This makes it very easy for your eyes to focus immediately on where you need to move the mouse, so it's faster and less error-prone for some people.

      • For a multi-part RAR archive (often the type you'll get from torrent sites, but also found elsewhere), with WinRAR you can select a file from the middle of the pack and select extract, and it'll automatically load the first file and unpack from that. With 7-Zip it'll try unpacking from the file you selected, which will always fail as it's only one part of the set and lacks header info. It's not smart enough to know to start from the first file regardless of what you selected, a feature in WinRAR which is great as you don't have to waste time hunting for the location of the first RAR file.

      • WinRAR has atomic extraction. What that means is that if you open or extract a double-packed archive like .tar.gz, it'll unpack the .gz component first in the background, then unpack the .tar component and show or extract its contents. 7-Zip lacks atomic extraction and so if you unpack the .tar.gz, you'll get a .tar file that you have to manually extract to get the actual stuff you want. No-one ever, every cares about the .tar file on its own in a .tar.gz archive so there's no reason to not have atomic extraction to save time.

      People have compared at least about the context icons and atomic extraction for years, but Igor doesn't give a shit because he doesn't understand why design and ways to save the user's time is so damn important. I'd pay him if I could, but he's already rejected the notion of donations or a kickstarter. So I moved to WinRAR where the development schedule is somewhat more regular. I'd LIKE to go back to 7-Zip, and the reason I posted this in the first place is because I still like the program, but it's a demonstration of the primary limitation of open source development - the lack of a monetary motivation means things don't get done.

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  • Oliver Jia

    Oliver Jia - 2013-11-20

    I concur what h311sdr0id said above. 7-zip is a must have in my list, and I use it almost everyday. It was used even by giant software companies such as ADOBE for preparing their installers. I am just amazed how Igor can produce such a true piece of art in software programming, and best of all, it's free and reliable. Even 7-zip 9.30 alpha is rock solid and always works for me.

    I am very thankful for the great efforts and so much time he put into 7-zip so ppl like you and me can use it and benefit from it.

    Remember, Igor did this for us for free. Heck even some paid products have some bugs that make you feel your money was wasted, 7-zip, on the contrary, never failed me. I could not understand why ppl are whining about new versions/new features right now, while the current versions work perfectly. Sure it takes a bit time to update, but how much of the point in there when the current version works flawlessly?

    Come on guys, give Igor a break. A new version will be out when it's ready.

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  • ksf

    ksf - 2013-11-20

    Mr Pavlov has started the project if I am not mistaken more than 10 years ago. This is outstanding that the development is still alive, mostly open source and that he is still checking this forum answering to questions. People should consider whether they can contribute to the project, add features they would like to have, but making specific requests to Igor is out of place I think.
    The purpose of 7-zip is not commercial and whether people are happy or not that the latest version is called stable, alpha, beta or gamma doesn't matter. The latest version just depends on the current stage of the development, the next alpha might be the latest release ever if Igor decides to move to other things after that, that's purely his call.

  • Jason Liu

    Jason Liu - 2013-11-20

    i use 7-zip from the very beginning, at least a decade before.
    so dear Pavlov, take your time, have more hot coffee.

    New version? that's even not a question.

    • ksf

      ksf - 2013-11-21

      yeah Igor has promised a new alpha on the 25th so he'd better release it if he doesn't want to have his butt kicked by thousands of frustrated users !!! just kidding of course!

  • john lee

    john lee - 2013-11-22

    Igor, if there is a new alpha on 25th (or whenever) I think it'd be good to explain ALL the changes (eg new switches, fixes, functionality etc) from some baseline such as previous release, not just from 9.30 alpha. This is especially important because of the confusion & delay from previous releases. Sometimes this change documentation isn't complete or 100% clear imo and it just causes a lot of qs to this forum which may obscure any real issues.

    Just my 0.000001 £ worth...


  • tului

    tului - 2013-12-09

    igor do you have a paypal account you'd accept donations? I'd like to toss you 50 quid or so for the great program

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2013-12-09

      Thanks for suggestion, but now paypal donations are not required.

  • Kigaruna

    Kigaruna - 2013-12-13

    Dear Igor Pavlov, can you please add new icons in the new 7zip version? I am pretty sure there are a lot of artists who can make good ones or actually already did and will gladly contribute them for this wonderful software. In fact many people are already hacking 7zip to add new icons. You just need to tell them, possibly by leaving note on the main page, that you will accept the contribution. In case you like the current icons, you can add a note that the new icons should be as similar as possible. Like similar colors or whatever you find good about these icons, BUT with higher resolution.

  • wanezhiling

    wanezhiling - 2013-12-19

    Hi Igor, could "Add to 'xxxx.7z'" use the same setting as "Add to Archive"?


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    • Squeeze M

      Squeeze M - 2013-12-27

      I Totally agree. Forget Icons, if someone wants a colorfull front-end, peazip (peazip.sf.net) is really good, opensource and multiplatform too (and based on 7z binary, don't know on non-windows platform). 7-zip is perfect as is. :-)

      BTW: even releasing 9.30 alpha as beta (with sources) would be greatly appreciated. Or publishing the sources in a git/svn/whatever_you_like repository, or the diffs from the latest source release.
      So we can make the changes ourselves w/o "tormenting" Mr. Pavlov. I'm mostly curious about the LZMA SDK enhancements, they would have a major impact on some other tools (installers, upx, backup programs and so on).

  • steve6375a

    steve6375a - 2014-04-16

    I tried 920, 922 and 930 with a UDF ISO created by IsoMagic from a MS Win7 install DVD ISO.
    All show just two files [BOOT] and Readme.txt about UDF format. PeaZip shows same problem.
    Win 8.1 Explorer and WinRAR can extract all contents but not 7Zip.
    This seems to be a long-standing bug?

    • Ady

      Ady - 2014-07-18

      If the ISO image includes UDF 1.02 and without specifying ISO9660, 7-zip should probably see all the content of the ISO image.

      If, instead, the ISO image is formatted (when building it) with UDF 2.60 and without specifying ISO9660, then 7-zip is probably not going to show the whole content.

      I don't know which precise UDF versions are fully supported by 7-zip. I am just mentioning the 2 "extremes" (UDF v1.02 - v2.60).

      If the ISO image includes the ISO9660 fs (and not just UDF), 7-zip should be able to see its content.

      I guess this is about 7-zip not supporting any/every/all versions of UDF (yet?) when ISO9660 is not used (?).

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