7-Zip 9.30 alpha

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  • Pavel Ignatenko

    Pavel Ignatenko - 2013-08-02

    We use only WIMs created by ImageX. ImageX havn't any problem with this files, but 7-zip can't correctly work with them. :(

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2013-08-02

    Do you agree that reference count for some files is incorrect?
    You can try to check it manually.

    Probably some version of ImageX had the BUG.
    "7-zip can't correctly work with them"
    What is "correct work" for files that have such errors?

  • przemoz

    przemoz - 2013-08-09

    would it be daring to request real working recovery mechanism in 7zip?

    what is now is not even worth mention so to speak - doesn't work.
    even some simple stuff like decompress to pipe would be better than nothing

    I have "problems" with recovering archives semi professionally (let's call it) when I recover some damaged data for someone (not professionally really but often) and when I get damaged .7z files I simply say people - it's impossible to recover anything from it
    7z is pretty cool format, not perfect but good compressor and it's a shame really that recovering is so difficult

    • szfong

      szfong - 2013-08-14

      I believe large dictionary & solid archives makes recovery nearly impossible to recover, that is one reason zip/rar use small dictionary sizes. You might consider using the latest RAR5 1GB dictionary sizes coupled with recovery records to make your archives more resilient.

      Tell your customers to use small dictionary sizes or create parity files for their archive collections...

      • Enod Barker

        Enod Barker - 2013-08-31

        How exactly is using a proprietary archive format (that you need to pay for to use) with gigantic dictionary sizes (1GB?!) and proprietary archive records going to make "archives more resilient"? Rar promotion in this thread isn't cool.

        With 7-ZIP LZMA/LZMA2, you can make an archive's dictionary sizes anywhere from 64 kb to 64 MB in the (32-bit) GUI, up to 1 GB via command line.

        Recovery success normally has less to do with dictionary sizes than it does with creating an archive with solid blocks. Whether its 7-zip, rar or any other compression format, creating a file with solid blocks makes recovery very difficult. Thus you create PAR2 files ("parity files" you mention) so that you can recover them from bad media, etc..

        PAR2 files work the same way as winrar's "recovery records", but its free/open source instead of proprietary and work with every single computer file type on the planet (including 7-zip archives). Instead of just with rar files. The Sourceforge page (source & command line apps): http://sourceforge.net/projects/parchive/. Older Windows GUI client (QuickPar): http://www.quickpar.org.uk/. New Windows GUI client (MultiPar, yes the GUI is in English): http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA021385/.

        With 7-zip, creating archives with solid blocks is optional. So for easier recovery off bad media, don't use solid blocks (making your archives larger) and/or (better) create PAR2 recovery records for the archives.

        Last edit: Enod Barker 2013-09-01
        • szfong

          szfong - 2013-09-03

          Didn't you read the part where I tell him to create parity files for their archive collection? It means any file, and to use one of many parity file creators that are available on the net.

          RAR recovery records is just another form of the same thing, although proprietary, but is much easier for new user to use. I do not know of another archiver w/ integrated recovery/parity creation capabilities. Perhaps you know a few. I had thought RAR was closed source, free software, as the license that was more than a decade old still works. Free upgrade for life it seems. Anyhow it costs a bit more nowdays...

          You have a LARGE non-solid file created using a LARGE dictionary that is corrupted, try recovering it compared w/ a LARGE non-solid file created using a SMALL dictionary. Get the point? duh?

          • Enod Barker

            Enod Barker - 2013-09-12

            Nice. I didn't go so far as saying the inappropriate "duh".

            I wouldn't say that rar recovery records are much easier to use. They are normally much larger than you can make PAR2 files to be, take up more space on backup media and so on. And the Windows programs for creating PAR2 files I linked above are very simple to use. And you can use PAR2 files for recovery records of any file type.

            Solid block archives, whether LZMA, rar or otherwise are far (far) harder to recover than non-solid archives without parity files. Regardless of dictionary size. That was the point.

            Last edit: Enod Barker 2013-09-12
  • Joachim Otahal

    Joachim Otahal - 2013-08-19

    One feature is missing: Mark several archives, right-click "unpack each to it's own subdirectory". Heavily used here with WinRAR.
    Another question: Will, in the future, LZ4 http://fastcompression.blogspot.de/p/lz4.html be included for unpacking, maybe even packing?

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2013-08-20

      Mark several archives, right-click and think about all suggested options.

      I don't plan to work with LZ4 now.

      Last edit: Igor Pavlov 2013-08-20
  • Marcél

    Marcél - 2013-08-20

    Today I thought I'd try this new version and I noticed an issue when compressing and extracting 7GB worth of data. There are fewer files afterwards.

    I've analyzed the situation, and it seems that some of the folder structure in there is too long for Windows, since I didn't think about it and just used my Desktop. So the problem is that there was no indication that anything went wrong, and 7-Zip just failed silently.

    • szfong

      szfong - 2013-08-23

      In the Windows API, MAX_PATH is 260 characters, 256 + 4 (drive letter, colon, backslash, & nul). Extended length paths such as paths separated by "\\?\" are approximate 32,767 chars as it can be expanded during run-time.

      If you need this feature right now, I believe WinRAR has added 2048 char. path lengths in its latest WinRAR 5.0 beta for BOTH ZIP & RAR archives...

      Last edit: szfong 2013-08-23
      • Enod Barker

        Enod Barker - 2013-08-31

        Woohoo, more inappropriate rar promotion this same poster did earlier.

        No, the Windows API is not limited to 260 characters. The "extended length paths" are also available in the Windows API, but only "using Unicode". More information here. Windows Explorer (64 or 32 bit) is limited to dealing with 260 character path names, no matter what program you are using within it.

        But 7-zip can in fact actually handle extremely long paths up to the full Unicode limit of 32767 characters using list files, as Igor (and others) mentions four years ago here.

        • szfong

          szfong - 2013-09-03

          Mr. Barker, I had thought WinRAR was still very low cost or practically free software. I had used it alot lately, so I just mentioned it in passing. I was just trying to "help" by answering a question a user had which I remembered encountering a similar issue w/ 7-zip a couple months ago.

          I mentioned RAR because it is now capable of creating STANDARD ZIP files w/ very long paths right from the GUI, it was something I was unable to do w/ 7-Zip. I did not know about list files. However, the STANDARD ZIP files with long paths created by it can also be extracted using 7-Zip GUI as well.

          This was the method I had used to to go around this very SAME problem without the need for list files.

          Btw, it is people like you that will turn off people like me from ever trying to help other users with their problems. It's just not worth the aggravation. I'll probably just be a visitor and no longer contribute in this forum, thanks to you. You need to chill out and go make an appointment with your therapist.

          • Enod Barker

            Enod Barker - 2013-09-12

            Sorry if you were turned off. Then again you responded to me in a prior post by saying "duh" and the "therapist" insult here, so looks like it might have been suitable.

            I just don't believe mentioning paid program alternatives is appropriate here. It happens far too often in forums for open source programs. Mentioning open-source alternatives to 7-zip? No problem.

            And rar isn't free. The full program is $29 US. The only thing "free" you can get at its home site is a command line-only program for extracting from created archives. Same thing that 7-Zip's GUI does natively.

  • 212eta

    212eta - 2013-09-01

    v9.30 alpha x64

    STILL Missing

    -(a) Shell Context Icons!
    -(b) New Icons!

    In countless Posts, hundreds of 7-Zip Users have requested for the above
    but Who gives a Damn...

    • Richard

      Richard - 2013-09-02

      Well the users give a damn, clearly. Igor doesn't because no-one is paying him. Which is why I moved to WinRAR because as a company, money is a great motivator to keep developing and giving people what they want. Doesn't always happen of course, but 7-Zip has lots of long-standing bugs/deficiencies that are starting to get a bit grating. Definitely a shame since I prefer 7-Zip's ability to handle things like .deb and .rpm files, but I hate its crap ISO support and lack of shell context icons.

      Having said that, if you want better icons, go to the Links page on 7-zip.org and click on "7-Zip Theme Manager". It's a great little program that works wonders.

      • 212eta

        212eta - 2013-09-02
        Last edit: 212eta 2013-09-02
        • Enod Barker

          Enod Barker - 2013-09-02

          What's with urge to unnecessarily create posts in different threads about it? And what's with the need for Richard to promote winrar here (as so many random people seem to feel the urge to do, coincidence?).

          If context menu icons are so incredibly important to your life, go ahead and spend $29 US (that you could have used for more important things) to buy a commercial program instead. With unknown support once the developer is no longer with us. Also lose the ability to create LZMA files with such a program.

          Or use the open source 7-zip and spend the money on more important things in life. And use the free FileMenuTools program to create your own 7-zip context menu entry with an...icon (that most people are perfectly satisfied to live without).

          Last edit: Enod Barker 2013-09-02
          • Richard

            Richard - 2013-09-03

            You seem to think that money is not worth spending on software. How wrong you are. Free software isn't better just because it's free - people WILL spend money to buy a program that does something better, easier, or provides capabilities that a free tool cannot. Hell I still can't face using LibreOffice for anything I want to show other people - Impress is crap, the templates are crap, the fonts aren't antialiased in Windows like they are in PowerPoint, it's slow when moving between slides, and it has a tendency to crash at werid points.

            And who cares about creating LZMA files? No-one uses them!

            FFS there's no coincidence. It's just a pent-up irritation at the slow speed of 7-Zip development. I happen to LIKE 7-zip. If I didn't, I wouldn't bother posting here. But you and other make the mistake that complaining is just done for fun - it's not. It's due to frustration that a great archiving tool is being left for dead because Igor doesn't notice the competition is moving ahead of him.

            • Recon

              Recon - 2013-09-04

              Totaly agree of what you say!

  • FC117

    FC117 - 2013-09-07

    My motivation to use 7z because it is open and for encrypting archives i only trust 7z.

  • spamme

    spamme - 2013-10-03

    When will be released this version?
    The alpha started almost a year ago.
    Could it be possible to have at least a beta?

  • tosser91

    tosser91 - 2013-10-05

    GUI doesn't allow to select and copy checksums into clipboard.

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2013-10-05

      You can use Ctrl+C to copy whole text from window.

  • Santos

    Santos - 2013-10-09

    No source code? I wonder is NSA is involved, afterall, 7zip deals with encryption...

    Last edit: Santos 2013-10-09
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