7-Zip 9.30 alpha

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  • john lee

    john lee - 2013-03-21

    Is this supposed to be a helpful comment? What are you talking about? What do you mean dead? Why not read this thread and the others and you'll see that it's very much alive! j

    • thexfile

      thexfile - 2013-03-22

      Yes, I did read the thread and it sounds like 7zip needs a complete rewrite now.

      Last edit: thexfile 2013-03-22
  • john lee

    john lee - 2013-03-22

    You obviously don't know anything about software development or about the complexity of 7zip. A 'rewrite' as you put it would just introduce more bugs and most sensible people using 7zip for archiving important files would be much worse off. Stop talking c***! J

    • thexfile

      thexfile - 2013-03-31

      I just asked a easy question but YOU can't seem to handle it.

      Usually developers will post a type of software development roadmap.

      Last edit: thexfile 2013-03-31
      • john lee

        john lee - 2013-04-01

        It wasn't an easy question, as you put it - you 1st said is it dead?, then needs rewrite - both are nonsense, as I pointed out and as you would have seen if you'd read the forum.

        If you'd said 'what is the roadmap?' that would have been an easy question. Think I and the other 7zippers can just about handle your shouting and your stupid postings.


        • thexfile

          thexfile - 2013-04-18

          Wow, you are a childish prick.

          Last edit: thexfile 2013-04-18
  • Sr. Zé Alguém

    Sr. Zé Alguém - 2013-04-05

    Imo, there were too many alpha/beta versions and development looks slow in the last few years.
    A new Stable version is desired, as the last one is 2.5 years old.
    Surely Igor is busy with other projects, right?

    PS: I've never understood the reason for that version jump from 4.65 to 9.0 meaning the last year digit (9 = 2009) and still releasing new versions in 2012 starting with 9.x
    Should be still at v5.x for serious thinking.

    Last edit: Sr. Zé Alguém 2013-04-05
  • Sr. Zé Alguém

    Sr. Zé Alguém - 2013-04-05

    Is it a known issue that files created with 9.29-9.30 can't be read by programs that use old dll library (eg. 4.57)?

    • fernando

      fernando - 2013-04-05

      LZMA2 compression method added at v9.04

      • Sr. Zé Alguém

        Sr. Zé Alguém - 2013-04-06

        I tested with LZMA/Ultra.

        Last edit: Sr. Zé Alguém 2013-04-06
        • fernando

          fernando - 2013-04-06

          How is archive used with "old dll library (eg. 4.57)"?

            $ "7z(930).exe" a archive -mx *
            7-Zip 9.30 alpha  Copyright (c) 1999-2012 Igor Pavlov  2012-10-26
            Creating archive archive.7z
            Compressing  7z(457).exe
            Compressing  7z(930).exe
            Compressing  7z(457).dll
            Compressing  7z(930).dll
            Everything is Ok
            $ "7z(457).exe" t archive.7z
            7-Zip 4.57  Copyright (c) 1999-2007 Igor Pavlov  2007-12-06
            Processing archive: archive.7z
            Testing     7z(457).exe
            Testing     7z(930).exe
            Testing     7z(457).dll
            Testing     7z(930).dll
            Everything is Ok
            Files: 4
            Size:       1899520
            Compressed: 600879
          • Sr. Zé Alguém

            Sr. Zé Alguém - 2013-04-07

            No, I'm using GUI to create files.
            The program using old library is Beyond Compare.
            This is what I mean:
            (left = file created by v9.30, right = created by 9.25)

            Last edit: Sr. Zé Alguém 2013-04-07
  • easyguyevo

    easyguyevo - 2013-04-14

    Thanks for this and here is a simple guide to get started with 7 zip
    How to open rar files

  • Soukyuu

    Soukyuu - 2013-05-15

    7z still doesn't work nicely with UAC. This is pretty much mandatory by now as with win8 you can not simply turn it off without side effects unlike win7.

    When attempting to extract an archive with 7z to any directory requiring admin privileges, 7z simply writes "cannot open output file: C:\Program Files\xxx". It is possible to extract per drag and drop, most likely because it goes over a temp directory and the rest is handled by explorer, which correctly asks for elevation.

    tl;dr: don't require to start 7z with admin rights, make 7z prompt for admin elevation for all tasks that require it, including extraction and filetype association. Thanks in advance.

  • Marc05

    Marc05 - 2013-06-13

    Could you please add an "Ask for overwrite" option for the update mode? This is not exactly a bug, but as it currently is, it can have unwanted effects (E.G. an untouched archive can be accidentally modified).

    Last edit: Marc05 2013-06-13
  • Ömer Fadıl USTA

    it gives error if output directory is double slashed.Also you have to write fullpath after -o arg. without space and if we put space it gives error

    for example this works :
    7z a -tzip z:\out.zip z:\data.xml
    on the other hand not this one :
    7z x z:\out.zip -oz:\

    Also this works :
    7z x z:\out.zip -oz:\ but not this one :
    7z x z:\out.zip -o z:\

  • Nin Ku

    Nin Ku - 2013-07-23

    Has this project been discontinued? There hasn't been an update in over eight months and Igor Pavlov hasn't responded in over six months...

    • stdesktopbs

      stdesktopbs - 2013-07-30

      Igor has been posting yesterday, i think he's too busy, if you see in the forum, he uses to answer to specific bug questions.
      Yesterday, i posted answering if someone knows about next Release version (i think everyday should be 50 post of that type), and no answer... I think he only spends his time in important (or more specific) things...

      Does anyone answer 7-zip relative questions despite Igor?

      Last edit: stdesktopbs 2013-07-30
  • Pavel Ignatenko

    Pavel Ignatenko - 2013-08-01

    Hi Mr. Pavlov.

    I have a problem with WIM files.
    I got error
    [wim] Error: Some files have incorrect reference count.

    Can you take a look on this issue?


    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2013-08-01

      Yes, there are some WIM files with such ERRORS.
      What is your question?

      Last edit: Igor Pavlov 2013-08-01
      • Pavel Ignatenko

        Pavel Ignatenko - 2013-08-01

        Question is: How looks investigation of this problem?
        When we can wait a new version that works correctly with thus WIM files?


        • Igor Pavlov

          Igor Pavlov - 2013-08-01

          There is no problem in 7-Zip.
          There is problem in WIM files, and there is BUG in software that was used to create such WIM files.

          • Richard

            Richard - 2013-08-01

            Not necessarily.

            I've encountered ISO files that open fine in WinRAR but fail to open in 7-Zip. Someone had the same problem and opened a thread a while back, and you blamed the ISO creation software for not conforming to standards (something about certain fields having spaces when they shouldn't). This might be true, but if the ISO can still work perfectly in WinRAR, mount properly in DAEMON Tools, but not be opened in 7-Zip because it isn't "perfect" because of something that's ultimately very trivial when it comes to the actual data of the ISO, then that doesn't look good for 7-Zip I'm afraid.

            Last edit: Richard 2013-08-01
            • NoAngel

              NoAngel - 2013-08-01

              about ISO/WIM support(my IMHO).
              when you write format decoder, u often use format specification.
              why? because there are many encoders, which also made by this specification.
              if somebody extended specification or cannot implement it correctly, its not our/Igor problem. what I wrote above should be applied to 1) high quality software 2) free software. BUT if you pay money for software you want warranties it works, sometimes it should be able so some bad things like work with any buggy file or hide some errors from user. as for 7-zip, it's free software, more stable than most of other free software, a tool, very useful, and for free you can open many file formats, some of which you cant open with proprietary tools. so what else are you want?

              • Richard

                Richard - 2013-08-02

                You're correct, and I'm not saying 7-Zip is crap or worthless or anything. It's a really good, solid product that supports far more file formats than WinRAR does for example.

                Unfortunately though, the computing world is such that you can't force other software to conform perfectly to standards when creating archives. Most of the time they'll get close (otherwise the archive would be unreadable) and it's just little things that aren't standard but the meat of the archive is still good. But refusing to open an archive entirely instead of working around these little issues is annoying because as the user, it's not my problem if it wasn't my archive which wasn't created perfectly.

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