My GUI SFX creator for 7-zip SFX packages

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    I developed this little tool to simplify 7-zip SFX creation.
    I think its easy enough to use without any "advanced" knowledge.

    Just compress desired files with 7-zip,load it into my tool,add some other parameters (graphically :) ),set the program filename to run it after extraction, select where you want to save SFX and hit Create SFX. Here :) You'we just created a SFX package :)

    Its still in beta phase,so expect some small bugs,but in general it should work just fine.
    It's using EasySFX folder in Windows drive as temp folder. If you don't want to use my tool ever again you can delete it.
    My prgram doesn't requre any installation (extract&use)


    • Looks great!

      Ps.  Does your program have a homepage so I don't have to check the msg board for updates all the time??