Igor have uploaded 7zip 4.07 ! Huraay !!

  • mypapit wuz here (info@mypapit)

    Hurray... igor have uploaded 7zip 4.07 Beta.. and i'm testing it now... hurray for igor... this mark my end of a long and painful wait for the latest release of 7zip.... we love you igor!!

    • mypapit wuz here (info@mypapit)

      well.. after testing it, at first look i couldnt figure out which feature have been updated.. much like the 3.x release though... :)

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Why not start with a look into the histroy.txt?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I don't see a multivolume option in the GUI. Is it only in the commandline..?

    • mypapit wuz here (info@mypapit)

      hmm.. i dont know what kind of enhancement in 4.07, since it a MAJOR version release... maybe igor have some answers... but i notice that it slightly faster than the previous version

      • Igor Pavlov

        Igor Pavlov - 2004-10-03

          4 - 2004
          07 - revision number, 01, ..., 06 were used in LZMA SDK.

    • Sander Bouwhuis

      Sander Bouwhuis - 2004-10-03

      I compared the old 7za with the new 7za, and didn't see any changes in compression or features.

      Could you please supply a change log?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Multivolume is available in the File menu of the File Manager (Split and Comibne files). But it would be nicer to have a checkbox in the Add to Archive dialog box. Moreover, it seems that you cannot make an auto extractible multivolume archive

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Thanks, I noticed it just now.

        My reactions:

        I really like that you can split any file/archive, but atm I am getting "Unspecified Error" errors sometimes when dealing with split files. They do not appear to affect operation in any way though...

        Also, Split and Combine DEFINITELY need to have gui buttons in the top bar, or else no-one will find them, like I almost didn't. Please add this before the final release

        I like the new "Full row select" mode (should be default imo).

        Its a shame that "Test" still behaves differently inside an archive as outside it.

        Good work Igor, all in all.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Deutsche Sprachdatei/German Language File
      Vollstndig/Full translated

      have Fun

    • Christian Jensen

      "Packed size" is broken .. it's being report as 0 bytes for most files and much bigger for some files.

      I have one file of 3891K being reported as packed to 954M !

      Spil & Combine really do need GUI buttons I agree .. and a checkbox in Add to Archive dialog box.
      It would also be faster if the archives were split during creation as it takes longer when you have to do it after they have been created .. because you need to load and save the same data once again.

      Read -> compress -> spilt -> save
      is faster than
      Read -> compress -> save -> read -> spilt -> save

      SFX multivolume archives is also needed.

      Also if you enter a directory to extract to which doesn't exist the expected behavior would be for 7-zip to create this directory and extract into it.

      Instead it uncompresses all files first and then reports an error for every file in the archive saying that it could not open the destination  .. no files are being created because the destination directory was not created first.

      This need fixing.

      Also in that respect it would be nice for 7-zip to have an option to use the old behavior and pause extracting with an error as soon as an error happens so you don't have to wait for all the files to extract to see if there are errors.

      The "Test" also doesn't work if you invoke it from inside an archive - It should.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        packed size, isn't broken, it just works differently for solid archives.
        the file that showed it was packed to 954 MB, must mean that the solid archive block, that that file was located in, had a total size of 954 MB, and that it was the first file in the block.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      One other major problem I noticed:

      7zip's handling of missing split pieces is faulty/non-exitant.

      If any piece is other than the first is not there (eg, *.004) 7zip will not report an error while testing, extracting or combining, resulting in bad output or unpredictable behaviour. This needs to be fixed for the split feature to be completely useful.

    • Andreas Nilsson

      Andreas Nilsson - 2004-10-03

      Svensk sprkuppdatering till 7-zip 4.07 beta/Swedish Translation update for 7-zip 4.07 beta


      Andreas M Nilsson

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Wow my dream came true!! :p
      I just come here to thank you about the new version. Very good work!!! I'll test it now and report bugs to help you to improve the software.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      still split/combine soo simple.. there is no header or other features..



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