7-zip SFX file association with my .exe

J. H
  • J. H

    J. H - 2009-10-03

    So, apparently 7-zip managed to become associated with my .exe files. Might have been an overlooked option when installing it, but it's really being a pain now that I'm trying to update drivers.

    My .exe file extensions are associated with 7-zip self-extracting archive.

    **OS: Microsoft XP Professional SP3**

    Problem 1: uninstalling 7-zip somehow didn't remove the association, and it still tries extracting because the .exe is associated as a 7z.sfx.exe.

    Problem 2: reinstalling 7-zip, latest version, using RevoCleaner didn't help (and also reinstalling older version understood to be the version associated with the .exe, 4.42 didn't help either)

    Problem 3: regedit tweaks to remove 7-zip totally and reset the .exe association back to default leaves me with the .exe as an "unknown file type". I then proceeded to tweaking associations by adding .exe as an file type: "application", which still doesn't work.

    **Somehow, even after uninstalling 7-zip completely, trying to open my .exe files gives me a 7-zip Self-Extracting Archive prompt to extract my .exe.**

    I'm out of ideas… Reformat wouldn't be THAT bad, but I'd really prefer not to since I've just formatted a few months ago, and school takes a bit of my time.
    Any ideas?

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2009-10-03

    Probably some of your exe files are 7z's SFXs.
    So when you run them, they start embedded 7-Zip-SFX  code.

  • J. H

    J. H - 2009-10-03

    Well I thought about that, but after following through with the prompt to extract the file I receive Error #0: <filename> is not a supported archive.

    I'm just trying to update and reinstall a few drivers, yet this issue is giving me a bit of grief. Any other solutions you might have?

  • It Guy

    It Guy - 2017-01-06

    I'm having this same issue, those links are not working. How do I unassociate the self extracting archive from the file?


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