ACE Support ?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I wanna know if you can offer an ace decompression module in the futures betas?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Please search the forum before recidivistic posting the
      same question again and again.

      ACE support will be added as soon as MR. LEMKE
      cuts his copyright and secret so that it will be possible
      and legal to include it into 7-ZIP.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      hmpf sorry

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      it's the only thing i miss in 7zip... else it's super ;)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It can't be much of a secret because WinRK has ACE support.

      The WinRK ACE format plugin was supplied by someone called "HAL 'Minthe' Pussywillow"  on Tuesday Dec 28, 2004.

      His ACE Plugin for WinRK is available for download from here:

      • my space

        my space - 2005-02-01

        > His ACE Plugin for WinRK is available for download from here.

        Have you take a look at the code of this ACE plugin for WinRK ?

        this code is only a wrapper over the UNACEV2.DLL provided by
        in order to have a plugin that have the WinRK plugin format ...

        > It can't be much of a secret because WinRK has ACE support.
        The Format of ACE Archive is a secret,
        but not the use of the UNACEV2.DLL provided by ...

        The UNACEV2.DLL do not provide a good API for using with 7-zip plugins :(

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      you can use unace.dll, but its structure is not 7-zip compatible: you would need the sources, but those are "secret" (proprietary)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      >>but those are "secret" (proprietary)

      If they are secret, how then has "HAL 'Minthe' Pussywillow" developed a plugin for WinRK?

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        He may have Reverse Engineered the ACE format...

        Is that legal?

        If it is, Igor should use his code :-)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      >>Is that legal?

      As long as its only for decompression, than maybe it is?

      >>If it is, Igor should use his code :-)

      I agree!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Decompilation is of course illegal. Since RK is a
      commercial product, the developers
      probably paid to MR. LEMKE and he gave them the
      permission to use ACE in RK, the special plugin, maybe he gave them even the source
      (!!! NO REDISTRIBUTION !!!).

      The fact remains intact, that ACE's secret and
      copyright are incompatible with 7-ZIP's open source,
      so ACE support would be possible only through a
      external plugin with special license, and maybe some
      code would be necessary for cooperation between
      7-ZIP & UNACE.DLL.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I see still no one has searched this forum(or the internet) why ACE isn't in 7zip.

      The freely available and usable unace.dll (used in wainrar for example) requires direct access to the file to extract. 7zip doesn't provide direct access to file for plugins. Most plugins don't need it anyway, but unace.dll does, so it is just incomaptible.

      THe only way 7zip would support ace, is when the unace.dll will be changed so that it doens't require direct access anymore or it's sources are opened up what I consider very improbable.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Well that is almost correct: A wrapper could be written for the unace dll (for instance, the paqar plugin uses intermediate files as the paqar algo works on files also), but no-one has bothered to yet.

        I don't need it myself so I don't care too much.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Ace will unlikely go away, an Ace3.0 format is planned on for a later version. So this question will probably stay around.


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