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H. H.
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  • H. H.

    H. H. - 2009-05-26


    When I double-click a JPEG image file in a zip file for viewing, the "Windows Photo Gallery" application in Vista launches and shows "There are no pictures or videos selected". The workaround is to extract the image then view it which is a bit annoying.

    Running the x64 4.65 version on Vista Business x64.

    Thank you.

    • RejZoR

      RejZoR - 2009-05-27

      Yeah, this is also very annoying for  me.

    • Hussain Khamis

      Hussain Khamis - 2009-06-06

      Hi 7-zip team & all users,

      Thank you for contributing this nice project to the the world!

      Feedback + 2 requests

      I know, you people are working so hard on coding, porting, debugging & fixing 7-zip. You gained a lot of users so far; some are PC nerds/geeks and/or open-source lovers, and others are forced (but then-liked-it) to use your program simply because a group of people are providing valuable archives in .7z format.
      My advice is to pay attention on developing the 7z FM because users at the end want a comfortable FM and they cannot rely on the cmd version. Care about the GUI so that people can stick/switch to 7z permanently. I don't targeting a rich GUI. I like the simple GUI of 7z FM.

      Don't lose your project users. Keep them, attract others & increase your share.

      Now I'm using 7-zip ONLY and it satisfies my needs. But what's been annoying me is opening jpeg pictures by double clicking them inside a .zip archive. I use Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP1 (now SP2) & 7-zip 4.65.

      1. Please let them open in the default picture shower (mine is Windows Photo Gallery)
      2. If an archive has more than one photo, please let 7z FM extract/cache the whole pictures in the ROOT of the archive in a temp folder so that we can use the keyboard arrows to move b/w pictures (i.e. no need to extract them) <== a nice idea isn't it

      I'm sure ppl will like it because it goes with their feelings! So comfortable

      • Bulat Ziganshin

        Bulat Ziganshin - 2009-06-06

        this question springs in every week. please take into account that Igor is just one man, not a large company. he develops compression algorithm, support for lots of archive formats and GUI wriiten in pure win api. it's PHYSICALLY impossible to make much better GUI using his resources

        7zip format is free and there are lots of GUI shells, commercial or free, providing much more convenient environment for handling 7zip archives

    • Neil Forde

      Neil Forde - 2009-06-12

      I'm new to 7-zip (and to this group) and am currrently only using 7-zip to view ISO files, so cannot comment much on wider usage.

      I am using version 4.57 running on XP (i.e. 32 bit) and don't have any problem opening JPEG image files within a zip file. In my case these open in Windows Image and Fax viewer, which is the default associated program.

      Have you tried using Open Outside, not that it should make any difference?

  • Anonymous - 2009-11-01

    This problem occurs on Windows 7 also.  I have noticed that imaged opened from the 7zip GUI are extracted to my temp directory and deleted before Windows Photo Gallery opens them.  I've tried it with .jpg and .bmp files.  Documents and videos open fine.

  • Carsten Menzel

    Carsten Menzel - 2009-11-02

    I also had this problem with 9.07 beta.
    I found out that the rundll32.exe (Windows picture and fax viewer) and the IE do not return a correct handle under Windows Vista. That's why the temporary file is getting deleted too fast.

    As a workaround i added a sleep of one second in the file …\CPP\7zip\UI\FileManager\ **PanelItemOpen.cpp** in the function **StartApplication()**.

    Now the code looks like this:

        execInfo.lpFile = path;
        execInfo.lpParameters = NULL;
        execInfo.lpDirectory = dir.IsEmpty() ? NULL : (LPCWSTR)dir;
        execInfo.nShow = SW_SHOWNORMAL;
        execInfo.hProcess = 0;
        ShellExecuteExWP shellExecuteExW = (ShellExecuteExWP)
        ::GetProcAddress(::GetModuleHandleW(L&quot;shell32.dll&quot;), &quot;ShellExecuteExW&quot;);
        if (shellExecuteExW == 0)
          return 0;

    // Wait a second because some apps do not return a correct value (e.g IE or Windows Picture and
    // Fax viewer on Windows Vista)


        result = (UINT32)(UINT_PTR)execInfo.hInstApp;

    Now the pictures can be viewed. I know it is no perfect solution, but it is working here.

  • jtrh

    jtrh - 2010-05-22

    7-Zip 9.13 running in Windows Vista 32-bit also experiences this problem.

  • art

    art - 2010-06-24

    Please solve this problem as soon as possible.

  • Rufus Drumknott

    Rufus Drumknott - 2010-09-03

    This thread may be dead but heres an ugly workaround to view JPEGs without extracting them.

    Open the Tools menu and select Options.
    Then select the Editor tab.
    Insert "C:\Windows\explorer.exe" without quotes into the text field and apply.
    Now whenever you want to view a JPEG without extracting it just select it and press F4 or right click it and select Edit.

  • Anonymous - 2011-02-27

    This is why there should be an "Open With" option.

  • Anonymous - 2011-02-27

    This thread may be dead but heres an ugly workaround to view JPEGs without extracting them. Open the Tools menu and select Options. Then select the Editor tab. Insert "C:\Windows\explorer.exe" without quotes into the text field and apply. Now whenever you want to view a JPEG without extracting it just select it and press F4 or right click it and select Edit.

    Dude that sounds exactly like a Open with option, man We Users of Computers need to be more like that. Hey Igor Pavlov and company could someone have your permission to insert this info or make this as a command/button option.

    Awesome Drumknott.

  • Anonymous - 2011-02-27

    Hey cmenzel93 could you tell me exactly how you did that. In fact for all those who modify 7zip could make a Tutorial Section.

    As a workaround i added a sleep of one second in the file …\CPP\7zip\UI\FileManager\ **PanelItemOpen.cpp** in the function **StartApplication()**.

  • Travis Howard

    Travis Howard - 2011-11-17

    All respect to the 7-Zip developers, I refuse to use any other archival utility, but how has this not been fixed yet? This and the problem with setting file associations in Vista/7 are terribly annoying.

  • Michael Haase

    Michael Haase - 2011-11-21

    @cmenzel83: You seem the only one willing to change the code. If this is a possible way to handle it, why is this change not integrated in all the time? It is not only jpeg files, but also tiff files in Windows 7 - I assume all graphic files that are opened by Winodws 7 Picture Viewer. Lots of users complain about the necessity to first extract the files to be able to open them (right now with v7.25 alpha). And if the delay is not seen as a good solution and therefore ignored, maybe an option to not delete temp files would maybe help, too?

  • krain

    krain - 2011-11-22

    You could use an image viewer, which supports archive files, like CDisplayEx.

  • Claudio Nicora

    Claudio Nicora - 2012-02-06

    Sorry for necroposting on such old thread, but I had the same issue on lot of Win7-x64 installations.
    @cmenzel83: your solution is great and you lead me to a better one.

    Instead of changing StartApplication() function inside PanelItemOpen.cpp, I changed OpenItemInArchive() function like this (around line 860):


    if ((HANDLE)process == 0)


    if ((HANDLE)process == 0) {

    This way only "broken" file viewers will be affected by this patch, others won't.
    That's why I increased Sleep to 2000ms.

  • Peter Hoeg

    Peter Hoeg - 2012-05-28

    Is there any chance of this change making it into the official source?

  • Claudio Nicora

    Claudio Nicora - 2012-05-28

    I hope so.

    Actually I have it applied to more than 50 PCs, all of them are Win7-x64.
    To install it I'll overwrite 7zfm.exe with my patched one after a standard setup (too lazy to rebuild a patched setup ;))

  • Peter Hoeg

    Peter Hoeg - 2012-05-28

    nicorac, any chance you can share the fixed binary? Means I don't have to manually do it too.

  • Claudio Nicora

    Claudio Nicora - 2012-05-28

    I've sent you a message through SourceForge messaging.
    You should receive an email with the attachment.

    Please post here if the patched binaries work on your side; this could help my patch being included shortly.

  • Claudio Nicora

    Claudio Nicora - 2012-05-31

    For all of you asking for patched files (ver. 9.22), I\\\'ve uploaded them here:

    Archive password is: nicorac

  • Adventurer

    Adventurer - 2012-06-01

    Would you be able to post a version of this binary for 7.26 that was just released?

  • Adventurer

    Adventurer - 2012-06-01

    Nevermind, I just now noticed source code isn't available for it.

  • Claudio Nicora

    Claudio Nicora - 2012-06-01

    and it's an alpha version too…

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