PLEASE, can you add icon(s) next to 7zip context menu items?

  • DeerDance

    DeerDance - 2013-03-28

    Its the sole thing thats holding me to winrar, I thought I was OK with 7zip, its nicely customizable and has all the features I want. So I thought.

    One would assume that after several weeks of using it I would finally have the 7zip location in the context menu well ingrained in my muscle memory or at least brain telling me its ~4th entry from the top, but alas the use never felt so seamless, it still felt bothersome. I guess the fact that I since forever used winrar and the context menu icon was linchpin of the usage played quite an important role in that.

    Can you PLEASE just add the icons to the context menu just like winrar has? Maybe only option, turned off by default if you dislike the idea, but still some way to make it work?
    It would immensely helpful, not just me, but I imagine that all the people that has to work on others people PCs as well.


    • john lee

      john lee - 2013-04-15

      Please stop raising trivial requests & nice to haves- stay with winrar. This is just a cosmetic change and IMO the answer should be no!

      There many more important things needed in 7-zip.


  • Dvvarf

    Dvvarf - 2013-04-14

    Totally agree. Please, add the ability to enable context menu icons.

  • Greg

    Greg - 2013-04-16

    Yes, I'd very much like this feature. It would be a major improvement to its usability. It's a cosmetic enhancement to some but a very significant feature to others.

  • iieeann

    iieeann - 2013-09-29

    Need the icon!


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