• Nobody/Anonymous

    this forum is nice with so many people participating it seems that a lot of people have started using 7-Zip. I just wanna request the author to start a forum in phpbb so its easier to help others and search for topics etc...and i think its a lot easier to use than sf forums..

    • Nobody/Anonymous


    • my space

      my space - 2005-01-07

      Where are forums in phpbb that are free and pratical ?

      I think that SF Forums are enough pratical when you have an account on SF ...

      I think you should :
      - register an account on SF with a valid email
      - monitor the forums that you like.
      - when a new message is posted on the monitored forums, you will receive an email
      - to answer a message click on the link provided in the email.

      If you think that the box "Message :" is too small to answer then
      use your favorite editor to make the answer and then copy
      and past the text ...

    • Ares

      Ares - 2005-01-07

      Hm my only complaint is the lack of an RSS feed.  Um, at least as far as I know of.  Is there one?  That would be awesome to just have the RSS feed of the forums to see when new things are posted.


    • Anonymous - 2005-01-10

      I also agree would make life a lot easier...more categories easier to administer more search options better search display...and takes 2 minutes to install

    • Neo

      Neo - 2005-01-11

      I don't think I like phpBB. And, setting up phpBB and maintaining it would take considerable amount of time from the author's development time. I can live with current forum. Besides, will sure do improvement to the forum in the future.

      • Igor Pavlov

        Igor Pavlov - 2005-01-11

        7-Zip's forum is not so big. So forum at SF is OK now.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I agree too with the option of phpbb2.
      Maintenance? just a few minutes a day (backup, read and post)
      But when the next version with 7-zip compress with multimedia :-D

      Like barf , muhahahahahahaaa (it joke) ;-D


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