Command line iso extraction

G. Thomas
  • G. Thomas

    G. Thomas - 2014-05-16

    I have ~ 5,000 iso files from which I need to extract multiple (extensionless) files that are always located in a particular folder within each iso.

    This command line call:

    7z e *.iso -o* -xr!*.*

    gets me close to what I want, but in addition to the extensionless files, empty folders are also extracted into the created directories. Can the call be modified so that only the extensionless files are extracted, or is that just not possible?

    Any suggestions, ideas or workarounds would be greatly appreciated.

    7-Zip v. 9.20


  • G. Thomas

    G. Thomas - 2014-05-16

    Figured it out myself. All the extensionless files begin with "IN" so this call

    7z e *.iso -o* -r IN*

    works perfectly.


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