7-Zip 9.25 alpha

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  • Ł. M. P. P.

    Ł. M. P. P. - 2011-10-23

    No, but such "relicts" can be later overlooked and lead to undesirable results.

    I did some further analysis of EN.TTT file. I fixed some language issues and corrected and extended shortcut keys.

    &Rename{"m" was used twice}
    Calculate c&hecksum
    Cre&ate Folder…
    Crea&te File…
    &Deselect All
    Select &by Type
    Deselect by &Type
    L&arge Icons
    Small &Icons
    Flat &View
    Open Root &Folder
    Up &One Level
    Folders &History…
    {&Name, T&ype, &Modified, &Size}
    &Archive Toolbar
    &Standard Toolbar
    &Large Buttons
    Show &Text Labels
    &Add Folder to Favorites as
    &About 7-Zip
    {&View:|not a good idea to reuse 540}
    &Integrate 7-Zip to shell context menu
    &Cascaded context menu
    Context &menu items:
    Working folder
    &Use for removable drives only
    Show ".." &item
    Show &real file icons
    Show system &menu
    &Single-click to open an item
    Alt&ernative selection mode{"a" is used by "Apply" in English locale}
    No errors were detected
    Cannot open file '{0}' as archive
    Cannot open encrypted archive '{0}'. Wrong password?
    File {0} already exists
    Cannot update file\n'{0}'
    &Path mode
    &Overwrite mode
    Data error in '{0}'. File is corrupted.
    CRC failed in '{0}'. File is corrupted.
    En&ter password:
    &Reenter password:
    S&how password
    &Solid block size:
    Number of &CPU threads:
    C&ompress shared files
    &Encryption method:
    Memory needed for compression:
    Memory needed for decompression:
    &Copy to:
    &Move to:
    Are you sure you want to copy files to archive?
    &Folder name:
    &File name:
    - Comment
    Select only first part of split file
    This is not a valid part of split file
    Cannot find at least one part of split file

    There is also some problem with dialog box that displays testing results in English language version.

  • Ł. M. P. P.

    Ł. M. P. P. - 2011-10-23

  • Talos2002

    Talos2002 - 2011-10-27

    I hope it is ok to report bugs here. I couldn't find a more appropriate place.

    I tried to extract a multi-archive (or it is called multi-volume?) rar file, but it was bigger than my ram drive and I got the appropriate error message when it got full.
    After that I couldn't press the OK button, it was impossible. I also tried 9.22 beta but the same happened. Finally I found that pressing Escape would help.

    I think it would be nice if it checked for enough space before starting the decompression.

  • void

    void - 2011-11-16

    How can I specify which checksum / hash I want for the 'h' flag ?
    If i want the full sha-256 to be calculated and dumped out say.

    Another small question:  the 7zFm can calculate the CRC's and SHA -256 through the File->Calculate Checksum.
    What is strange is why on that "Checksum information" window you cannot copy any of the info.
    Visually inspecing the SHA-256 is quite a pita.

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2011-11-17

    1) 7z h -mm=sha256 file.txt
    2) You can press Ctrl+Insert to copy text from GUI message box.

  • szfong

    szfong - 2011-11-20

    I'm seeing alot of files w/ identical crc32 but different content in my archives. And automated methods of scanning them requires decompression and recalculating using different hash algorithms.

    Are there any way to save/store SHA-1 or SHA-256 of files within the 7z archive for use and not as a separate txt file? 

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2011-11-21

    7z stores only crc32 now.

    Describe your tasks.
    Why do you need to find identical files?

  • szfong

    szfong - 2011-11-21

    I use a utility to scans zip files for duplicate files and whenever I'm looking for say, a Microsoft ISO from Technet or MSDN, the CRC32 is often 0xffffffff, which requires me to input the sha1 and each time it encounters such a file, a decompression needs to be performed.

    I also store alot of jpg, png, image files & some of them, although differ in size can have the same crc-32.  I use to be able to uniquely store them in archives and search thru them very quickly, but more and more of them are having the same crc-32.

    It would also be very convenient to have either sha1 or sha256 for use on virus/trojan scanning sites without having to decompress & recalculate the checksum hashes.

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2011-11-22

    1) why do you scan ZIP for duplicate files?
    2) what ISO file in MSDN has 0xffffffff CRC?

  • Bulat Ziganshin

    Bulat Ziganshin - 2011-11-22

    > the CRC32 is often 0xffffffff,

    i recommend you to recompress such file to the new archive - pretty sure that crc will be different and ms use this vakue as "don't care" flag. another reason may be that this file is aes-encrypted and <20 bytes large - these files crcs aren't stored due to security reasons

  • Anonymous - 2011-11-23

    You can use the advapi32.dll/CryptCreateHash to calculate MD2/MD4/MD5/SHA1 hash (since Win95/Internet Explorer 3.0). That way, your program size will not increase while supporting more hash functions. It's very simple http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa379908%28v=vs.85%29.aspx

  • gora2

    gora2 - 2011-12-23

    1 Упаковал папку установленного архиватора (7- zip) в 3 зашифрованных архива:
    7-Zip111.7z - формат 7z, архив зашифрован, заголовки зашифрованы
    7-Zip111h.7z - формат 7z, архив зашифрован, заголовки НЕ зашифрованы
    7-Zip111z.zip - формат zip, архив зашифрован
    2 Распаковываю их по ПКМ -> Распаковать в "7-Zip111\" : каждый архив в свою папку по имени архива
    3 После появления окна ввода пароля нажимаю кнопку "Отмена"
    4 Получаю:
    - папка 7-Zip111 не создается
    - папка 7-Zip111h создается, но она пуста
    - папка 7-Zip111z создается и имеет вложенную папку 7-Zip с единственным файлом 7-zip.chm нулевого размера

    Почему во втором и третьем случае вообще создаются эти папки ибо толку от них 0 ?
    Почему архиватор не удаляет их после нажатия на кнопку Отмена, что было бы вполне логично?


  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2011-12-23

    7-Zip checks password only when it required.
    But it makes all things that doesn't required password.

    Maybe it's not good, I'll think about it later.

  • Orleans

    Orleans - 2011-12-25

    request unace file type.

  • gora2

    gora2 - 2012-01-08

    OS - Windows 7 SP1 x64
    7-Zip  9.25 alpha

    Создал батник для теста параметров сжатия:

    @Echo Off
    SetLocal enabledelayedexpansion
    Set folder=y:\2
    Set toArch=y:\2\7-Zip
    Del "%folder%\*.7z"
    Set size=500000000
    For /L %%c In (0,1,8) Do (
        For /L %%p In (0,1,4) Do (
            For /L %%b In (0,1,4) Do (
                7z a "%folder%\lc%%c_lp%%p_pb%%b.7z" "%toArch%" -m0=BCJ2 -m1=LZMA2:d4m:fb128:lc%%c:lp%%p:pb%%b >Nul
                Set err=!ErrorLevel!
    rem         For /L %%a In (0,1,20000) Do set r=%%a
                If !err!==0 (
                    For %%s In ("%folder%\lc%%c_lp%%p_pb%%b.7z") Do (
                        If %%~zs LSS !size! (
                            Set size=%%~zs
                            Echo lc%%c lp%%p pb%%b  !size!  Best
                        ) Else Echo lc%%c lp%%p pb%%b   %%~zs
                ) Else Echo lc%%c lp%%p pb%%b Error

    При тестировании половина сочетаний параметров вызывает ошибку:

    System error:
    Параметр задан неверно.

    Вывод в консоль:

    lc0 lp0 pb0     988038  Best
    lc0 lp0 pb1     978936  Best
    lc0 lp0 pb2     977356  Best
    lc0 lp0 pb3     980216
    lc0 lp0 pb4     982705
    lc0 lp1 pb0     987618
    lc0 lp1 pb1     978712
    lc0 lp1 pb2     976818  Best
    lc0 lp1 pb3     979569
    lc0 lp1 pb4     982461
    lc0 lp2 pb0     987307
    lc0 lp2 pb1     979498
    lc0 lp2 pb2     978473
    lc0 lp2 pb3     980514
    lc0 lp2 pb4     983086
    lc0 lp3 pb0     991614
    lc0 lp3 pb1     982176
    lc0 lp3 pb2     981035
    lc0 lp3 pb3     983318
    lc0 lp3 pb4     985618
    lc0 lp4 pb0     993825
    lc0 lp4 pb1     985380
    lc0 lp4 pb2     984860
    lc0 lp4 pb3     985687
    lc0 lp4 pb4     988782
    lc1 lp0 pb0     987068
    lc1 lp0 pb1     978401
    lc1 lp0 pb2     977242
    lc1 lp0 pb3     979656
    lc1 lp0 pb4     981777
    lc1 lp1 pb0     987530
    lc1 lp1 pb1     977948
    lc1 lp1 pb2     977260
    lc1 lp1 pb3     979933
    lc1 lp1 pb4     982231
    lc1 lp2 pb0     987308
    lc1 lp2 pb1     979166
    lc1 lp2 pb2     977318
    lc1 lp2 pb3     980240
    lc1 lp2 pb4     983110
    lc1 lp3 pb0     990168
    lc1 lp3 pb1     981817
    lc1 lp3 pb2     980362
    lc1 lp3 pb3     983435
    lc1 lp3 pb4     985635
    lc1 lp4 pb0 Error
    lc1 lp4 pb1 Error
    lc1 lp4 pb2 Error
    lc1 lp4 pb3 Error
    lc1 lp4 pb4 Error
    lc2 lp0 pb0     984764
    lc2 lp0 pb1     975820  Best
    lc2 lp0 pb2     975243  Best
    lc2 lp0 pb3     976871
    lc2 lp0 pb4     979355
    lc2 lp1 pb0     985036
    lc2 lp1 pb1     976627
    lc2 lp1 pb2     976249
    lc2 lp1 pb3     977381
    lc2 lp1 pb4     980251
    lc2 lp2 pb0     985643
    lc2 lp2 pb1     977746
    lc2 lp2 pb2     976443
    lc2 lp2 pb3     979106
    lc2 lp2 pb4     981533
    lc2 lp3 pb0 Error
    lc2 lp3 pb1 Error
    lc2 lp3 pb2 Error
    lc2 lp3 pb3 Error
    lc2 lp3 pb4 Error
    lc2 lp4 pb0 Error
    lc2 lp4 pb1 Error
    lc2 lp4 pb2 Error
    lc2 lp4 pb3 Error
    lc2 lp4 pb4 Error
    lc3 lp0 pb0     982531
    lc3 lp0 pb1     973452  Best
    lc3 lp0 pb2     973052  Best
    lc3 lp0 pb3     975097
    lc3 lp0 pb4     977153
    lc3 lp1 pb0     982342
    lc3 lp1 pb1     974848
    lc3 lp1 pb2     974313
    lc3 lp1 pb3     975466
    lc3 lp1 pb4     978329
    lc3 lp2 pb0 Error
    lc3 lp2 pb1 Error
    lc3 lp2 pb2 Error
    lc3 lp2 pb3 Error
    lc3 lp2 pb4 Error
    lc3 lp3 pb0 Error
    lc3 lp3 pb1 Error
    lc3 lp3 pb2 Error
    lc3 lp3 pb3 Error
    lc3 lp3 pb4 Error
    lc3 lp4 pb0 Error
    lc3 lp4 pb1 Error
    lc3 lp4 pb2 Error
    lc3 lp4 pb3 Error
    lc3 lp4 pb4 Error
    lc4 lp0 pb0     981603
    lc4 lp0 pb1     972984  Best
    lc4 lp0 pb2     971641  Best
    lc4 lp0 pb3     973847
    lc4 lp0 pb4     976471
    lc4 lp1 pb0 Error
    lc4 lp1 pb1 Error
    lc4 lp1 pb2 Error
    lc4 lp1 pb3 Error
    lc4 lp1 pb4 Error
    lc4 lp2 pb0 Error
    lc4 lp2 pb1 Error
    lc4 lp2 pb2 Error
    lc4 lp2 pb3 Error
    lc4 lp2 pb4 Error
    lc4 lp3 pb0 Error
    lc4 lp3 pb1 Error
    lc4 lp3 pb2 Error
    lc4 lp3 pb3 Error
    lc4 lp3 pb4 Error
    lc4 lp4 pb0 Error
    lc4 lp4 pb1 Error
    lc4 lp4 pb2 Error
    lc4 lp4 pb3 Error
    lc4 lp4 pb4 Error
    lc5 lp0 pb0 Error
    lc5 lp0 pb1 Error
    lc5 lp0 pb2 Error
    lc5 lp0 pb3 Error
    lc5 lp0 pb4 Error
    lc5 lp1 pb0 Error
    lc5 lp1 pb1 Error
    lc5 lp1 pb2 Error
    lc5 lp1 pb3 Error
    lc5 lp1 pb4 Error
    lc5 lp2 pb0 Error
    lc5 lp2 pb1 Error
    lc5 lp2 pb2 Error
    lc5 lp2 pb3 Error
    lc5 lp2 pb4 Error
    lc5 lp3 pb0 Error
    lc5 lp3 pb1 Error
    lc5 lp3 pb2 Error
    lc5 lp3 pb3 Error
    lc5 lp3 pb4 Error
    lc5 lp4 pb0 Error
    lc5 lp4 pb1 Error
    lc5 lp4 pb2 Error
    lc5 lp4 pb3 Error
    lc5 lp4 pb4 Error
    lc6 lp0 pb0 Error
    lc6 lp0 pb1 Error
    lc6 lp0 pb2 Error
    lc6 lp0 pb3 Error
    lc6 lp0 pb4 Error
    lc6 lp1 pb0 Error
    lc6 lp1 pb1 Error
    lc6 lp1 pb2 Error
    lc6 lp1 pb3 Error
    lc6 lp1 pb4 Error
    lc6 lp2 pb0 Error
    lc6 lp2 pb1 Error
    lc6 lp2 pb2 Error
    lc6 lp2 pb3 Error
    lc6 lp2 pb4 Error
    lc6 lp3 pb0 Error
    lc6 lp3 pb1 Error
    lc6 lp3 pb2 Error
    lc6 lp3 pb3 Error
    lc6 lp3 pb4 Error
    lc6 lp4 pb0 Error
    lc6 lp4 pb1 Error
    lc6 lp4 pb2 Error
    lc6 lp4 pb3 Error
    lc6 lp4 pb4 Error
    lc7 lp0 pb0 Error
    lc7 lp0 pb1 Error
    lc7 lp0 pb2 Error
    lc7 lp0 pb3 Error
    lc7 lp0 pb4 Error
    lc7 lp1 pb0 Error
    lc7 lp1 pb1 Error
    lc7 lp1 pb2 Error
    lc7 lp1 pb3 Error
    lc7 lp1 pb4 Error
    lc7 lp2 pb0 Error
    lc7 lp2 pb1 Error
    lc7 lp2 pb2 Error
    lc7 lp2 pb3 Error
    lc7 lp2 pb4 Error
    lc7 lp3 pb0 Error
    lc7 lp3 pb1 Error
    lc7 lp3 pb2 Error
    lc7 lp3 pb3 Error
    lc7 lp3 pb4 Error
    lc7 lp4 pb0 Error
    lc7 lp4 pb1 Error
    lc7 lp4 pb2 Error
    lc7 lp4 pb3 Error
    lc7 lp4 pb4 Error
    lc8 lp0 pb0 Error
    lc8 lp0 pb1 Error
    lc8 lp0 pb2 Error
    lc8 lp0 pb3 Error
    lc8 lp0 pb4 Error
    lc8 lp1 pb0 Error
    lc8 lp1 pb1 Error
    lc8 lp1 pb2 Error
    lc8 lp1 pb3 Error
    lc8 lp1 pb4 Error
    lc8 lp2 pb0 Error
    lc8 lp2 pb1 Error
    lc8 lp2 pb2 Error
    lc8 lp2 pb3 Error
    lc8 lp2 pb4 Error
    lc8 lp3 pb0 Error
    lc8 lp3 pb1 Error
    lc8 lp3 pb2 Error
    lc8 lp3 pb3 Error
    lc8 lp3 pb4 Error
    lc8 lp4 pb0 Error
    lc8 lp4 pb1 Error
    lc8 lp4 pb2 Error
    lc8 lp4 pb3 Error
    lc8 lp4 pb4 Error

    Почему это происходит?


  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2012-01-08

    From help file:
    "LZMA2 also supports all LZMA parameters, but lp+lc cannot be larger than 4."

    lp+lc affects memory consumptation and some other things. It was limited to lp+lc <=4 in LZMA2 to simplify decoder.
    So LZMA2 decoder (and XZ decoder ) is more robust than LZMA decoder.

  • joopbraak

    joopbraak - 2012-01-08

    Simple bug, but I thought I mention it. When you open, for instance, a text file within the archive, the path (of the archive, plus possible directories within the archive) in the title bar disappears.
    I have WIndows 7, 64 bit.

  • Ede_123

    Ede_123 - 2012-01-08

    Strange behaviour in 7zFM:
    When holding CTRL-Key (e.g. for selecting multiple files) the text in the status bar starts to flicker.

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2012-01-08

    I'll fix it. Thanks!

    Do you see it for any folder?

  • Ede_123

    Ede_123 - 2012-01-08

    Yes, I just tried different folders (including root folders / ntfs volumes / archives) and the flickering was present in all of them.

    It's visible best when selecting a file or folder: The different strings in the status bar flicker irregularly and apparently not at the same time. I wasn't able to determine any sort of regularity yet.

    Furthermore I noticed that CPU usage of the process 7zFM.exe increases slightly while holding the CTRL-key (from close to 0% to about 3-5% on my machine according to windows task manager).

    For the record: I'm using Windows 7 x86, Aero on, in case this has something to do with the problem.

  • Goldie Lin

    Goldie Lin - 2012-01-09

    D:\7z\9.22beta-32>7z.exe b
    7-Zip 9.22 beta  Copyright (c) 1999-2011 Igor Pavlov  2011-04-18
    RAM size:   4095 MB,  # CPU hardware threads:   4
    RAM usage:   850 MB,  # Benchmark threads:      4
    Dict        Compressing          |        Decompressing
          Speed Usage    R/U Rating  |    Speed Usage    R/U Rating
           KB/s     %   MIPS   MIPS  |     KB/s     %   MIPS   MIPS
    22:   11587   300   3759  11272  |   146917   382   3469  13255
    23:   11636   302   3921  11856  |   143478   377   3485  13129
    24:   11098   321   3716  11933  |   142974   380   3488  13264
    25:   10656   344   3541  12166  |   137997   379   3457  13113
    Avr:          317   3734  11807               380   3475  13190
    Tot:          348   3605  12498

    D:\7z\9.22beta-64>7z.exe b
    7-Zip [64] 9.22 beta  Copyright (c) 1999-2011 Igor Pavlov  2011-04-18
    RAM size:  16367 MB,  # CPU hardware threads:   4
    RAM usage:   850 MB,  # Benchmark threads:      4
    Dict        Compressing          |        Decompressing
          Speed Usage    R/U Rating  |    Speed Usage    R/U Rating
           KB/s     %   MIPS   MIPS  |     KB/s     %   MIPS   MIPS
    22:   12682   302   4085  12337  |   148686   382   3507  13415
    23:   12168   285   4348  12397  |   148533   382   3554  13592
    24:   11845   320   3984  12736  |   146258   381   3557  13569
    25:   11284   344   3742  12884  |   142696   384   3534  13559
    Avr:          313   4040  12589               382   3538  13534
    Tot:          348   3789  13061
    D:\7z\9.25alpha-32>7z.exe b
    7-Zip 9.25 alpha  Copyright (c) 1999-2011 Igor Pavlov  2011-09-16
    PreLoad Time:     78    63    78    62    62    78    63    62
    RAM size:   4095 MB,  # CPU hardware threads:   4
    RAM usage:   850 MB,  # Benchmark threads:      4
    Dict         Compressing          |        Decompressing
           Speed Usage    R/U Rating  |     Speed Usage    R/U Rating
            KB/s     %   MIPS   MIPS  |      KB/s     %   MIPS   MIPS
    22:    12028   295   3960  11701  |    139125   366   3268  11953
    23:    11760   302   3964  11982  |    143609   383   3268  12514
    24:    11158   320   3747  11997  |    139712   380   3250  12342
    25:    10710   342   3573  12228  |    138473   383   3274  12528
    Avr:           315   3811  11977                378   3265  12334
    Tot:           346   3538  12156
    D:\7z\9.25alpha-64>7z.exe b
    7-Zip [64] 9.25 alpha  Copyright (c) 1999-2011 Igor Pavlov  2011-09-16
    PreLoad Time:     63    78    62    62    78    63    78    62
    RAM size:  16367 MB,  # CPU hardware threads:   4
    RAM usage:   850 MB,  # Benchmark threads:      4
    Dict         Compressing          |        Decompressing
           Speed Usage    R/U Rating  |     Speed Usage    R/U Rating
            KB/s     %   MIPS   MIPS  |      KB/s     %   MIPS   MIPS
    22:    12800   305   4085  12451  |    148405   387   3297  12750
    23:    12304   296   4229  12536  |    144072   381   3299  12554
    24:    11914   325   3943  12810  |    143167   380   3326  12647
    25:    11165   336   3793  12748  |    138912   381   3297  12568
    Avr:           316   4012  12636                382   3305  12630
    Tot:           349   3658  12633
  • Dark Diver

    Dark Diver - 2012-01-17

    Hello, Igor.
    Could you add support for NTFS junctions and symbolic links? May be, through additional switch?

  • gora2

    gora2 - 2012-02-10

    Перетаскиваю на ярлык 7zFM.exe зашифрованный файл. Появляется окно распаковки с окном ввода пароля, но… На панели задач нет значка архиватора! Пароль не всегда под рукой и его часто приходится искать в истории аськи, почте или текстовом файле, где этот пароль сохранен. Для этого открываются дополнительные программы, окна и т.д…. После того как пароль найден, приходится искать окно ввода пароля,т.к., оно скрыто под множеством окон и не имеет значка на панели задач. Это не удобно.
    Можно ли сделать так, что бы значок на панели задач появлялся сразу же после появления окна ввода пароля?

  • reandr

    reandr - 2012-02-29

    igor,thanks for alpha version.
    is there any 9.25 source?
    i can`t find source.

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2012-03-01

    I don't provide source code for alpha versions of 7-Zip.
    Usually I release beta version with source code a few days after alpha version.
    But now I have too many unfinished changes in source code for next version.
    You can expect next version in April.

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