Multiple file archive naming format

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Don't you guys think that using something like filename-part1.7z or filname.001.7z would be better than using 7z.001 as all the files would then be associated with 7zip?

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2005-01-14

      I think .001 is more correct. Actually .001 in 7-Zip is not new format. It's just splitted file. So even Total Commander must support it.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Actually RAR uses .001 for years now...

    • Christian Jensen

      Rar have switched to using filename.part1.rar now

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      why.. to reduce "registry foot print"
      and assigning one extension for all..

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      yeah there can be like .001 to .00N files. You cannot associate all of them with 7zip. using file-part001.7z associates the file as well as keeping the name short. it was a good albeit late move in WinRAR and I dont think 7zip should start with that mistake

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      even shorter name can be made.. just remove the "part" and keep it as "file.001.7z"


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      thats really the best solution, making it simply file.001.7z.

      Although, "part" gives the notion to non-experienced users that it is an multivolume archive.

      In any case, using 7z.001 is just the bad idea. I hope Igor will change this.

      Please Igor!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      In fact WinRAR itself used .r00, r01. .r02 and that old style can still be enabled under the advanced tab in 'Archive name and parameters'.
      The new style part1.rar, part2.rar makes sense, as it is also easy to understand for pizzabaking grandmothers who visit computer courses for the elderly.
      The .001 .002 extensions came from the use of 'rar.exe' by eh.. fans, with a separate gui, or just from renaming old rar-archives. As far as I know they were never made by WinRAR itself.
      -R (dt)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Is the hypothetical file.001.7z a true 7z file?

      Perhaps the naming should be done analogous to the way Norton Ghost splits up image files ...


      Association of part files with 7-zip does not imply the extension has to be 7z - it could be something else.


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