7-Zip 9.27 alpha

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  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2012-06-02

    7-Zip 9.27 alpha was released.

    This is a development version.
    Don't use 7-Zip 9.27 alpha to process important files and archives.
    If you need more stable version, you can use 7-Zip 9.25 alpha.

    7-Zip for 32-bit Windows:


    7-Zip for 64-bit Windows x64:


    What's new after 7-Zip 9.25 alpha:

    - 7-Zip now can update WIM archives.
    - 7-Zip File Manager now can move files to archives.
    - 7-Zip File Manager now can calculate CRC-32, SHA-1 and SHA-256 checksums for files.
    - The default encoding for TAR format now is UTF-8. You can use -mcp=1 switch for OEM encoding.
    - Command line version:
        - new "rn" command to rename files in archive.
        - new -sdel switch to delete files after including to archive.
        - new -sns switch to store NTFS alternate streams (for WIM format only).
        - new -sni switch to store NT security information for files (for WIM format only).
    - Speed optimizations for opening big archives and big disk folders.
    - DMG support was improved
    - Some bugs were fixed.
    - New localization: Aragonese.

    What's new after 7-Zip 9.26 alpha:

    - Some BUGs in 7z, WIM and NTFS code were fixes.

    7-Zip 9.27 alpha version is provided without source code.
    Source code will be released in future beta version.

    Please write this forum thread about any new bugs.

  • John Zhang

    John Zhang - 2012-06-02

    Good job!It's work well on Windows 8 RP!

  • Josh

    Josh - 2012-06-03

    I can reproduce this every time (not sure if present in 9.20):

    Opening an archive in 7zip's gui and Explorer in the intended directory to extract a file/folder, then changing the directory or closing the Explorer window before the file/folders are able to finish extracting/copying results in a "Unspecified Error".

    Windows 7 64-bit / 7-Zip 9.27

  • metadings

    metadings - 2012-06-03

    > Some new WIMs from Microsoft are not 100% correct.
    Opening with warning works fine, because I have sometimes a new bad sector on my disk, I was trying to check the archive. With 9.27A it works… You could move your warning into the warning console… Now testing the archive results in "no errors"…

    Also an interesting feature is
    > I run 7-zip always as admin because when I need to extract to UAC protected folders
    > it doesn't elevate if running without admin privileges. Can you add ability to elevate
    > when it extracts to such locations, please?
    Good idea, may look like the menu item in autoruns/procexp.
    However, 7zip it is that good because it's clear, easy, tiny and respectful to windows explorer! It's always the first app I'm installing on windows computers, even before firefox and updates ;)
    For linked files please have a look on LinkShellExtension schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/hardlinkshellext.html that is also simple and clear in its usage.

    Thanks again.

  • tabwe

    tabwe - 2012-06-04

    Are you sure? So many versions!

  • Anonymous - 2012-06-04

    Please provide the source code.

  • Richard

    Richard - 2012-06-04

    @cartman - ipavlov already stated in the first post that source code will be made available in a future beta. Probably because it's less work than releasing code for each individual alpha.

    In any case, the alpha works wonderfully. Keep up the good work!

  • Michael Haase

    Michael Haase - 2012-06-04

    @ipavlov: Could you pleeeease add the one-line-patch (Sleep-Call) from nicorac for window picture viewer (and it migt also work for Microsoft Office 2010, the error that you can not open a word document from within a zip file if Word is already open, for example) in the next version? ==> if ((HANDLE)process == 0) { Sleep(2000); return; }
    That is our number one support question in support, like every day a user comes with such a question.

  • anoy twenty

    anoy twenty - 2012-06-05

    still cannot open the image directly from the 7zip
    7-zip cannot locate the image
    this at least affect .7z, .rar and .zip format

  • gora2

    gora2 - 2012-06-05

    Здравствуйте, Игорь.
    Спасибо за быстрый выпуск версии 9.27, проблем пока не обнаружил.
    Я снова о справке:
    Про вновь добавленные команду и ключи (на примере команды "rn").
    В описании команды имеются ссылки на ключи с которыми команда может использоваться:

    Switches that can be used with this command
    -i (Include)
    -m (Method)
    -p (Set Password)
    -r (Recurse)
    -u (Update)
    -w (Working Dir)
    -x (Exclude)

    Но на страничках соответствующих ключей нет упоминания (ссылок) про эту команду "rn".
    Аналогично дело обстоит и с новыми ключами - обратных ссылок со страничек команд на новые ключи нет.
    Очепятки: srores (cmdline\switches\spf.htm), archioves (cmdline\switches\sni.htm)

  • Magsood

    Magsood - 2012-06-05

    Please Support 7-Zip Open and Update Inno Setup built archives.(This installation was built with Inno Setup.)

    Inno Setup Home Page:
    Inno Setup Unpacker:

    Very Thanks

  • andrewks

    andrewks - 2012-06-05

    Good evening! Thanks for new alpha.
    Whether inclusion of new possibilities (store NTFS alternate streams & store NT security information for files) is planned in the future at an archiving directly in a 7z-format?

  • Anonymous - 2012-06-06

    I also support it-dienste and anoy20: oh, PLEASE fix the problem with non-opening files when open them individually from archive with double-click. This is very and absolutely annoying thing.

    Unfortunately, the one-line patch from nicorac is just non-universal workaround which works for some cases, but does not work for many other. For example, Word does not open files with this patch (it shows splash screen more than 2 seconds, especially Starter Edition, and 7-zip removes the file); also when I open some script or text document with Notepad++, it opens OK, but after some time I get the message that the file has been already deleted; etc.

    I think that the best way to solve the problem is to extract files to temporary folder and delete them only when user closes 7-zip File Manager window. If some files in the folder are changed during that time, then to offer the user to renew them in archive (show the message when user activates the 7-zip File Manager window). Can it really be so hard? I also agree that it's a problem No 1 in user interface.

    Dear Igor, please provide some feedback regarding this issue. Do you plan to work on it and if yes, when do you plan to fix it?

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2012-06-06

    Yes, I still test NTFS feautures for 7z archive format.

    "Open from Temp folder" problem is too complex. I don't want to change such big thing in near versions.

  • Michael Haase

    Michael Haase - 2012-06-06

    "Open from Temp folder" problem: As mentioned before, a setting in the options to offer "disable deletion of temp files" would be easy to implement - then 7-Zip would work as some other compression programs and we would not have the no. 1 problem…

  • Anonymous - 2012-06-06

    "2012-06-02 23:31:44 PDT
    I can reproduce this every time (not sure if present in 9.20):

    Opening an archive in 7zip's gui and Explorer in the intended directory to extract a file/folder, then changing the directory or closing the Explorer window before the file/folders are able to finish extracting/copying results in a "Unspecified Error".

    Windows 7 64-bit / 7-Zip 9.27"

    Same here… I'm sad :(

  • szfong

    szfong - 2012-06-08

    Can you consider adding an option to store SHA-256 info within an archive and the ability to highlight/select the SHA-256 for copying / paste onto VirusScanning websites?  thanx..

  • szfong

    szfong - 2012-06-08

    Btw, how do you copy file properties information onto the clipboard from the 7-zip manager???

  • antonator

    antonator - 2012-06-08

    Hi Igor and all,

    here is a small two-step proposal how to handle the "Open from Temp folder" problem in an easy way (which should be comparable to how other archive tools handle this):

    (1) Do not delete the temporary file when the invoked process which works with the file exits (or pretends to exit, etc.) but build a list of all created temporary files internally and delete them when 7-Zip is being closed. If one or some of the files are still opened by some application(s) deletion will fail of course. This won't really be a problem but just a very common case of "accumulated temp folder trash".

    (2) In case deletion fails the method could be possibly extended for "delayed deletion" to avoid the accumulated trash in the temp folder. Windows should be able to handle this by the CreateFile() function with the flag FILE_FLAG_DELETE_ON_CLOSE, instead of directly using DeleteFile() or something similar. I write "could" and "should" because I did not test if this works but according to MSDN it should work.

  • ZeMarVe

    ZeMarVe - 2012-06-13

    I expect support for multivolumes zip archives, created with WinZip.
    Volumes have extensions from z?? to zip, where z01 is first part, z02 - second, …., zip - last.

    Do you plan to support it?

  • Alex

    Alex - 2012-06-15

    is there an option to show images on double-click from archives?

  • Dark Diver

    Dark Diver - 2012-06-17

    Hello, Igor.

    About NTFS features:
    Could you add to 7z NTFS symbolic links support?
    I mean next links types:
    1. directory junctions;
    2. symbolic links;
    3. symbolic links to files;
    4. symbolic links to folder;
    5. hard links.

    2,3 and 4 are different link types in NTFS.
    While sybolic links support is quite simple (archiver should store link target path & link type), hard link support is not so trivial, I think.

    For compatibility 7z must process links only with additional switch.

    For now, without links support, 7z can't archive/extract NTFS file system objects "1 in 1". And I, personaly, can't use 7z in my work.

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2012-06-18

    Can you describe for each NTFS link type:
    - How do you create that link?
    - Why do you use that type of link?

  • Anonymous - 2012-06-18


    Could you add debug/log Menu in Help that would contain user actions
    that could help resolving bugs that user experiences?

  • Anonymous - 2012-06-18

    Sorry, Igor <- Ivan…

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