Open Source or NOT? where are the sources

  • Sorin Sbarnea

    Sorin Sbarnea - 2004-11-10

    As many of you didn't notice there is no submitted code in the CVS (also the link to CVS is not enabled). In fact there is no information about the 7-zip sources. Still it is marked as LGPL.

    I want to see the sources as soon as posible.
    If my request is ignored i will report this to

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Can't reproduct your problem. See Download.
      7-ZIP is open source.
      "i will report this to" :-(


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Guess some people are blind.  What a poor attitude also.

      Keep up the fantastic work 7-zip guys!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      what a silly msg!!! open your f'd blind eyez.

      • Sorin Sbarnea

        Sorin Sbarnea - 2004-11-28

        Sorry, my mistake. I was looking for the CVS..., the rest is history :(

    • Spencer Fairbairn

      How did I just compile it then?
      Silly bugger!!!
      Look to the forum.

    • Riccardo

      Riccardo - 2004-11-11
    • Nobody/Anonymous

      > "If my request is ignored i will report this to"

      Well, if your problem is so big & urgent, why the hell don`t
      you report it to the Secret State Police ???

      Big thanks to Igor for making his project Open Source.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      intersol - the sevenzip project sourcecode is available for download...  you should be able to get it in *.tar.bz2 format... it's been years there...

      you dont get out too much dont you?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      we are a little paranoid, aren't we?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      sheesh! talk about a lack of gratitude.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      intersol - please check the downloads first before making claims that could make you look stupid :p

      • David Howe

        David Howe - 2004-11-18

        presumably this not-looking-stupid would have to be retroactive to the moment of his birth then?


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