Khannie - 2013-06-07

Ubuntu 12.04 64bit
7za 9.20

I consider this a bug, as default behaviour is to reduce security. Note that I'd consider looking at the code if someone's willing to point me in the right direction so that I don't have to go rooting around.

To reproduce:

Encrypt an archive containing a file with mhe on (header encryption). The contents are not visible.

7za a -pletmein -mhe=on archive.7z file1

If you add a file to that archive using:

7za a archive.7z file2

it asks you for the password and adds it to the archive. All fine. However, it removes the password and encryption from the archive. I believe that the default behaviour should be to retain the current security level, rather than removing it (or forcing the user to specify -p<password> -mhe=on each time they want to add a file to the archive).