Extracting from to memory buffer

  • foxpat

    foxpat - 2014-01-07

    Based on Client7z.cpp is there any code snippet that can help me to extract a file from a 7z file located in a memory buffer 1 (char buf7z[]; unsigned buf7zSize;) into some other memory buffer 2 (char bufExtracted[]; unsigned bufExtractedSize).
    Any help appreciated.

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2014-01-07

    Yes, just use StreamObjects.h:

  • foxpat

    foxpat - 2014-01-07

    I'll give it a try; thanks.

  • Biatu Miahn

    Biatu Miahn - 2016-11-08

    I attempted to modify the source to use CBufPtrSeqOutStream, however I get an error about unresolved externals for CBufPtrSeqOutStream::Write


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