Extract multi-part archives!?

  • Stojan Jovic

    Stojan Jovic - 2009-08-20

    Is there possible to extract multi-part archive from different locations?
    For example, parts 1 to 10 are on CD1, parts 11-20 are on CD2 - when I start extraction with 7-Zip from CD1, it goes till part 10 and then break the operation with error message, instead of asking me to browse for part 11...
    I think that it will be great if this would be fixed in the future versions!?

    • Stojan Jovic

      Stojan Jovic - 2009-08-24

      Sorry for disturbing and spamming, but is there somebody who can tell me something about this?
      Does this option will be supported in some future version? Or it's maybe already implemented (although I can't find)?

      Thanks in advance!
      Kind regards!

    • Bob C. Lee

      Bob C. Lee - 2009-08-26

      Hi Stojan,

      I had the same question and was looking in this forum for an answer, too. Then I looked at the built-in Help and it said:

      "The current version of 7-Zip doesn't support Zip multivolume archives."

      Bummer. Maybe in the near future...


    • Stojan Jovic

      Stojan Jovic - 2009-08-27

      Hi Bob,

      I hope that some of 7-Zip developers pay attention to this, because this great piece of software should have implement this simply but useful option!

      I hope very soon... ;)


  • glubschi

    glubschi - 2013-03-07

    Sorry for digging up this old thread, but I really miss this feature in 7-Zip. Having to copy all the parts of a multivolume (DVD) archive to a folder on the harddisk first before being able to extract the files can take quite some time.

    Are there technical limitations which would make it particularly hard to implement such a feature?

  • Rock Hudson

    Rock Hudson - 2013-03-09

    I would appreciate extraction support from multiple medias too. But it seems the "MultiVolume" created by 7z is simply a splitted file without information about single parts. Concatenating all "multivolume" files to one with e.g. "copy /b file.7z.001 + file.7z.002 file.7z" will restore the actual file. Because the file index table is located at the end of the .7z archive (as far as I know), the .7z archive needs to be updated.

  • Rock Hudson

    Rock Hudson - 2013-03-09

    sorry, double post...

    Last edit: Rock Hudson 2013-03-09
  • john lee

    john lee - 2013-03-10

    There is some code which supports multi part archives already - click on 'tickets' & patches above - any use?


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