NSIS better compression than 7-zip 4.14b?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm using the last version of nsis and the last version of 7-zip, but i found a bug surprise nsisi compress more than 7-zip with -mx option ultra 32mb's dicctionary.

    i tried a few more test but it's only in this case.

    How it's possible?

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2005-01-26

      Please write exact numbers.
      And what type of files?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      okz the difference it's 750 kb's + or -

      The type files it's a lot of txt and graphics.

      it's a game

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        NSIS has a datablock optimizer so if the game contains more than one of the same file, only one will be stored in the installer, maybe that's why

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes i agree with you., can 7-zip do the same of nsis?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      this means to introduce an algorithm to detect if two files are equal and it is not so trivial since every file should be compared to every other file to be added to the archive and those already archived too:

      takes a lot of time for a big archive

      maybe a crc based comparison a la rsync may help, but I think it is not that trivial to implement either.

      PS: if this is ever implemented it would not be that difficult then to maintain multiple versions of a file in the same archive, but this is entirely another matter


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