Tar Gzipped leak support ?

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I download one file on the Internet :
    It is a particular mail client but it is not the subject.

    The problem is the file.

    TGZ... so a Tar gzipped. 7-Zip can probably uncompress him.

    So when I try to uncompress him with 7-Zip 3.13 right click menu.I obtain a TAR file, normal.
    I try to uncompress the TAR file and... It cannot be done. 7-ZIP say "error not specified". I cannot open the Tar.

    I try to download again the file without no hope but same result.

    But when I try to uncompress this file with IZArc, there are NO problem.

    A problem of 7-ZIP or a problem of the file ?

    • JB

      JB - 2005-02-12

      whoa... old thread.

      TGZ seems to be fully-supported in 4.15b.  however, it isn't associated.  overlooked or not fully implemented?

    • Stepho

      Stepho - 2005-02-15

      This specific tar file (once "gunziped") is not supported by 7-Zip. Although I could extract it using the GNU tar.

      Concerning tgz files, they are not a specific archive format. ".tgz" is a short for ".tar.gz". So it's simply a gunziped tar archive, and you will always need 2 steps to extract the files (gunzip then untar).

      Nevertheless, it is true that it could be useful to have this extension associated with 7-Zip. If you need it, you can do it using the Windows Explorer (something like Tools/Folders Options/File Types).


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