Davide - 2014-01-14

Hello, i explain my issue.
I store my data in several .7z files (most of them made manually, someone made via Cobian Backup 11).
Now i have found an archive (a .7z file with about 1200 images, 2 Gb) with about 12 images corrupted; the error message says that password (just numbers and letters) is invalid for 12 files but is the same for all archive, i'm sure because i have opened it about 6 months ago without any issue.

2 question:
1) how can this happen ? my hard disk is new and in perfect condition
2) how to avoid this issue ? i need a newer version of 7-zip ?

Actually i use 7-zip 9.20 (latest full non beta/alpha version), 64 bit, on Win 7 Pro 64 bit.
Hope you can help me, thx :)