Davide - 2014-01-14

Thx for reply. No, i'm sure. archive has never been updated. I've created it 2 years ago and I full extract it every (about) 5-6 months. No issue with this rchive until yersteday.

So, is not possibile is an hardware error during creation (because i've already full extracted the files) and, of course, i've tried extraction on different computers.
My hard disk is a SSD, 1 years old, perfect condition and cloned weekly.
If the file has been corrupted due to a hd error i think that I should have noticed some other error or some SMART report, or not ?

Can be some kind of 'bug' of 7-zip 9.20 version ? Maybe with the newest SSD ?
Are reliable the .7z archives ? Sorry if I ask but now i have about 10 archives and i'm scared to discovere more corrupted file inside the .7z :((