I downloaded 7-Zip because I was looking for a convenient extractor for a .tgz archive.  The file manager was an unexpected bonus.   Already I like it  better than xplorer2 and others I have tried.  Thanks.

2 small problems: 

F3 is (I presume?) supposed to view the contents of a file, but it does not do anything.

Deleting deletes permanently.  There should be an option to send to the Recycle Bin.  (The way some others do it:  Del sends to recycle  bin, and Shift-Del deletes permanently.)

But DON'T follow the bad example of Total Commander.  When you del a directory in TC, each file in the dir is sent separately to the recycle  bin.  OUCH! 

Instead, do it like Windows Explorer and xplorer2:  a dir goes to the recycle bin as a single entry.