Which project to use

  • Robert West

    Robert West - 2012-06-28

    Hello folks,

    I need to create a DLL out of the 7zip program.  This utility I am creating needs to zip/unzip files out of and into the 'zip' format.  I compliedthe 'alone' project, but it only zips/unzips files into the 7z format.

    Can anyone plese point me in the right direction so I can complie some code that will work with the zip format


    Rob West

  • Viki

    Viki - 2012-06-29


    Try Alone7Z and Client7Z project

  • Robert West

    Robert West - 2012-06-29

    Thanks for your help,

    One of my Collogues at work found a solution, so problem solved, it seems that I downloaded the wrong file

  • Viki

    Viki - 2012-06-30


    good to hear it. Which project you chose?


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