updates? dead project?

  • speak_PKHQ

    speak_PKHQ - 2013-09-11

    my install (64-bit) is like 2 years old now. is this project dead? should i find another archiver with a more long-term track record? i love 7zip but the lack of updates is not a confidence builder. any advice for a replacemnt?

    • Mark

      Mark - 2013-09-12

      If the existing version does what you want, does it matter that it is 2 years old?

      The developer (Igor Pavlov) is still around & actively supporting 7-Zip.

  • szfong

    szfong - 2013-09-11

    Yeah, it seems like it's mostly a dead project or project on long hiatus... :(

    I was looking for another open source archiver to work hand in hand w/ WinRAR and found PeaZip on sourceforge.

    PeaZip supports the extraction of ALOT types of archives and can create quite a few types as well, including 7z archives... I"m still testing it out, though... Looks GREAT so far...


    • badsponge

      badsponge - 2013-09-11

      Thanks SO MUCH for the PeaZip tip! It has exactly what I needed and what 7-zip lacks: a single button to download/install the app. 7-zip has two install files, one each for 32 or 64 bit. I work with many users who wouldn't know what they have or how to find out. I'd have to link up and do it for them. Now, my team can keep using 7z to zip/encrypt, and users can install/use PeaZip without my help.

  • cba53

    cba53 - 2013-09-15

    It seems I will have to leave 7-zip and head for PeaZip, too. I used the 9.22 beta, but would never dare to use an alpha version. But as it seems, PeaZip does not have a version like 7za for use in .BAT files ...

  • szfong

    szfong - 2013-09-18

    PeaZip appears to also have a command line interface for use w/ batch files. A Portable version is also available as well.


    lzma algorithm is on the cusp of development, is the best and the only one that offers the best ratio of compression and decompression.
    maybe we should wait for a miracle happens and someone can create a new algorithm for 7zip better or different.

    • Ghost Templar

      Ghost Templar - 2013-09-23

      There's more to an archival format than the level of compression. RAR has worse compression than 7z (even with RAR 5 it still doesn't match 7z), but it supports random access which allows you to extract a single file from the middle of an archive quickly. 7z doesn't have random access and has to seek through the archive until it finds the file for extracting. Not normally a problem but for large archives, this can be quite annoying. Apparently (though I haven't tested it), RAR archives also provide better error correction and recovery options than 7z. I suspect the larger file sizes of RAR are offset by all these additional benefits.

      It's all about compromise I guess. So long as LZMA is being developed, I imagine it'll get better with time. I just wish we had some sort of update.

      Last edit: Ghost Templar 2013-09-23

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