7zip IRC channel

  • Robert Readman

    Robert Readman - 2010-01-19

    I was wondering if there was a 7zip IRC channel?

    If not, why don't we make one, I am on freenode.net alot and will sit in #7zip if any one wants to join or make this official then great.

    Anyone else?

  • Jinx

    Jinx - 2011-11-25

    A little late, but I am also on Freenode and will be happy to idle in such a channel. The name is "Jinx"-feel free to message me if you want to me to idle there.

  • John Peterson

    John Peterson - 2012-04-23

    There's no one in #7zip or #7-zip on freenode. Where's the official (or main) IRC channel?

  • necros

    necros - 2017-01-22



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