Issue with 7za.exe

  • ldblake

    ldblake - 2014-03-13

    This should be simple but I seem to be missing something. I'm doing a batch file that loops through a folder to unzip each file with 7za.exe (command line). So the goal is start with and end with File1.txt as if doing "Extract Here" from the context menu. I have tried 7za.exe e "" -aoa -y and I always get the prompt that "file File1.txt already exists. Overwrite with File1.txt? (Y)es / (N)o / ...etc", even with the -aoa switch which I thought overwrote without a prompt, and the -y switch which I understand suppresses queries. What should be the command and switches to do the equivalent of "Extract Here" to extract a file to the same directory quietly? Thanks.

  • Shell

    Shell - 2014-03-15

    7z.exe 9.32 works fine with either of those switches. Please, provide the full command you specify. What version of 7za.exe are you using?


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