Aytek Ustundag - 2013-12-14

Hello, thanks for fast response.
No my disk is not faulty and there is no repeating bytes in my file.
I used the command line tools like this

"7za.exe" a -t7z "G:\xxx.7z" "d:\" -v512m -ssw -mmt2 -mx5 -mhe -xr!abcd

Since i use 7z in my many projects and i think it is reliable, so i also think about the probability i could have written the password wrong while archiving.

But to be sure can you answer those?

1)Did you ever heard about this problem before? (my version is 7-Zip (A) 9.20)
2)If my compression is somehow halted in between resulting an incomplete file, would i get wrong password error or would i get bad archive error?
3)Is there something very different with my parameters, should i try to extract a different way?
4)I used 32bit console version in my x64 system for (about 200.000 files) (resulting 18 gb archive). does the 32 bit console have some kind of restriction you know about?

I would be happy if you could answer those so if there is a known bug i wont try inputting passwords all weekend =) thank you