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  • AlexSal

    AlexSal - 2014-02-05

    Hi, I am facing the following issue.

    Every month a client has to send some files to my company, but his system packs the files divided by month on folders, I need some command line info on how to extract only the contents of all the zipped folders to a single directory.

    I don't want the original folders to be extracted, and it cannot be done folder by folder cause it's a ton of files.

    If anyone can provide a batch script or a command line info i'd really appreciate it.

  • Shell

    Shell - 2014-02-06

    Am I right that you want to extract all files from a single archive into a single folder (without subfolders)? There is a command for this action in console 7-Zip:
    7z e archive

    • AlexSal

      AlexSal - 2014-02-06

      Yes the file comes like this:


      >>>subfolder3 ...and so on, usually 30 or more subfolders.

      I need all the files inside this 31 subfolders to be extracted to the same directory but only the files, not the subfolder1, subfolder2.... something that i can't do using the GUI.

      I'll try what you recommended thanks

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  • therube

    therube - 2014-02-09

    The GUI has a "Flat View" that may do what you want.

    View | Flat View

    Otherwise, from the command line, in addition to above you can specify the directory tree(s) you wish to extract. So something like:

    7z e archive.7z Folder\Months\February\

    7z e archive.7z Folder\Months\February\ Folder\Months\March\

    (note that that will also create an empty directory, February, but suppose that could be suppressed)

    Last edit: therube 2014-02-09

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