7-Zip 16.02

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  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2016-06-07

    You can add news. From my previous message:

    Did you install previous version of 7-Zip (16.00)?
    You can try to download 16.00 msi, install it, uninstall it and then install 16.02 msi.

  • Harri

    Harri - 2016-05-31

    if i run the 16.00 Version, i get the error message immediately after doubelclick

  • skyteddy

    skyteddy - 2016-05-31

    Hello Igor,

    many thanks for the new version!

    One tiny note: For the next version, please update the history.txt in the coming 7z16xx-extra.7z-file.

    kind regards

  • Melchior

    Melchior - 2016-06-01

    Igor, I have noticed 7-zip is missing one sub-feature...
    in the file viewer... of all the columns you have as able to sort by you are missing "File Type" column..
    do you think you could add it?
    please and thanks.

  • Saltarelli

    Saltarelli - 2016-06-03

    Hello Igor, 7zip cannot extract Java 9 Update 121 x64 anymore.


    You need to extract exe -> data1.cab -> installerexe

    Fails on last part, only get .resource files no more binaries.

    Worked in the past.

    Please fix!

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2016-06-04

      Please describe exact name of that exe file.
      And describe all actions (clicks) in 7-Zip before problem point,

      • Saltarelli

        Saltarelli - 2016-06-04

        Thanks for the reply Igor, here are the steps. Link to file is on previous page.

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2016-06-04

    The folder
    .rsrc\1033\RCDATA\ contains 3 files:
    900 - BSDIFF
    901 - ZIP

    Both 900 and 901 are big files. So 7-Zip doesn't think that one of them is more important than another. So it doesn't try to open 901 by default.

    • Saltarelli

      Saltarelli - 2016-06-04

      Thanks again, yes extracting resource 901 actually did the trick. I guess they must have changed how their installer works.

      The extracted files however seem incomplete. If I run java portable now it does not launch.

      Last edit: Saltarelli 2016-06-04
  • Steve Harkins

    Steve Harkins - 2016-06-09

    When I install the 64-bit version of 16.02 over the 32-bit version of 9.20, it puts the 64-bit files in the 32-bit location (C:\program Files (x86)\7-Zip), instead of installing them in the 64-bit location (C:\Program Files\7-Zip) and removing the 32-bit folder. Can this be fixed in the next version?

  • a2698824

    a2698824 - 2016-08-04

    I used 7zFM to look at "MediaCreationTool.exe" (Windows 10 downloader/installer from microsoft). After pressing icon "i" (info) i get a long list of info, about twice my screen resolution (microsofts fault). Maybe you can add a scroller?

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2016-08-04

      It was simple solution to use MessageBox function.
      Another ways are more diffcult to implement.

      • Roy Tam

        Roy Tam - 2016-08-18

        Actually even Microsoft does write its own scrollable message box in Windows Installer.

  • Nigel H

    Nigel H - 2016-08-22

    Hi Igor

    Not sure if you have read the post below but Windows 10 Anniversary Edition blocks 16.02


    • Oleg

      Oleg - 2016-08-22

      Hello Nigel H,
      I'm sorry about policy win10 Anniversary..
      Here in Russia, many peoples just remove win10 and using win7 without telemery modules.

  • Oleg

    Oleg - 2016-08-22

    Hello Igor,
    In this version 7z.exe make volumes by 2Gb archive over network connected drive -> 1 % is bad.. (-mmt=1, -w drive is eqial to arch file path). But some of them broken.. And I'm need make additional test after creation -> for example Corel Suite x86&x84. So archive makes broken (, more stable using 7zip GUI.

  • Merowinger

    Merowinger - 2016-08-26

    Maybe a stupid question but I want to know it. Which compression level is used when I create an archive directly via the context menu and without the "Add to Archive" window? There is nowhere an option to choose a "standard compression level".

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2016-08-26


      • Merowinger

        Merowinger - 2016-08-26

        Thank you!

        And is there a way to change this?

        • Igor Pavlov

          Igor Pavlov - 2016-08-27

          No way now.

          • Merowinger

            Merowinger - 2016-08-27

            Ok, thanks anyway.

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