7-Zip 16.02

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  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2016-05-21

    7-Zip 16.02 was released.

    7-Zip for 32-bit Windows:


    7-Zip for 64-bit Windows x64:


    What's new after 7-Zip 16.01:

    • The BUG in 16.00 - 16.01 was fixed:
      7-Zip mistakenly reported the warning
      "There are some data after the end of the payload data"
      for split archives.
    • Alexander Davidenko

      MSI Installer 16.02:
      On WinXPx32 and Win7x64 - writes file associations OK
      On Win7x32 - doesn't.

      • Igor Pavlov

        Igor Pavlov - 2016-05-27

        Installer doesn't write file associations.
        You can to set file associations in 7-Zip/Tools/Options after installation.

        • Alexander Davidenko

          Thank you!
          Is it possible to make file associations during installation? I.e. msi commandline switch?

        • theDEXmonster

          theDEXmonster - 2016-05-30

          An option to associate during setup would be a very nice feature. :)
          Windows 10 requires an additional step (Opening the program as an administrator) to associate file types making it that much more of a nuisance.
          Thank You, as always, for your work!

    • Alex Hebert

      Alex Hebert - 2016-05-27

      Hello, we noticed that a very large amount of machines have explorer.exe fail to restart on its own after the latest 7-zip gets installed. It always succeed to close explorer.exe, install 7-zip fine but often fail to restart explorer.exe. We have seen that on both Win7 x86 (French OS) and Win7 x64 (French OS). Eventviewer error says: fail to restart exlorer.exe application sid does not match conductor sid. Any thoughts ?

    • blackcrack

      blackcrack - 2016-06-02

      languages textfiles:

      why do you not easy the whole textfiles in a 7z-lang.7z instead of a folder ?
      with this it is possible for clean integrating in, as example reactos or an other windows
      in system-folder.

      with 7z it is possible for readout on the fly 7z compressed archives, so, why then not on the fly
      let read out the lg.txt in a //lang-7z.7z/de.txt or //lang-7z.7z/ru.txt and so on.
      with this it is possible for have the whole langfiles in one compression file
      and can read out as a "compression folder"

      By the way, can you create a inf-file and by side a regfile for integrating in windowsNT as compression file reader as folders ? In windows , with this possible would it also possible for
      take the package to make a installer with other libarys together and integrate your z7 fully in the Explorer as example in Reactos or an other WinNT by add the regestry-strings in the installer ;) .

      best regards

      • Igor Pavlov

        Igor Pavlov - 2016-06-03

        There are some reasons.
        For example, 7-zip.dll (context menu dll) reads language file.
        If we need to unpack txt file from 7z archive, we also must load big 7z.dll for that task. So 7-zip.dll loading will be more slow.

    • PASIIT

      PASIIT - 2016-06-23

      Does this version fix the issue that reported in here: http://www.talosintel.com/reports/TALOS-2016-0152/
      Please kindly advise.

      Thank you,

    • Oleg

      Oleg - 2016-08-22

      Hello Igor,
      In this version 7z.exe make volumes by 2Gb archive over network connected drive -> 1 % is bad.. (-mmt=1, -w drive is eqial to arch file path). But some of them broken.. And I'm need make additional test after creation -> for example Corel Suite x86&x84. So archive makes broken (, more stable using 7zip GUI.

    • Oleg

      Oleg - 2016-08-27

      Hello Igor,
      Please add new "-vrst" key -> Reset volume stat's and create independent solid volumes.

      By default 7-Zip tries to reset solid statistics as soon as possible when starting a new volume, but only if enough data was packed after a previous reset (at least a few megabytes).

      This switch forces 7-Zip to ignore stat's in packed data size and attempt to reset statistics for volumes of any size. It decreases compression, but increases chances to extract a part of data if one of several solid volumes in a volume set was lost or damaged.

      And thank you to "writeback" function -> take care for previous first volumes.

  • ksf

    ksf - 2016-05-21

    Thanks keep on the great work

  • Byron Taz

    Byron Taz - 2016-05-21

    That was fast, great work Igor. As soon as you were able to wade through my novice archive lingo, you found the problem and fixed it. Thanks again.

  • Frank S

    Frank S - 2016-05-21

    Your quick attention to issues is appreciated.

    Should I be concerned that the x64 Edition installs into Program Files (x86)?

  • Slav Morov

    Slav Morov - 2016-05-22

    Great product.

    Is it possible to have an option to Compare and Save the calculated checksum (CRC32 ; CRC64 ; SHA256 ; SHA1 ; BLAKE2sp) through the 7-Zip GUI? At the moment I can only see it.

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2016-05-22


      • Slav Morov

        Slav Morov - 2016-05-22

        Great. I guess I missed the shortcut option.

        NOTE: I found a website (http://text-compare.com/) where to compare the strings.

  • Andrew McGlashan

    Under "Files", the latest right now is 16.01, at least that is what I see. Also, if people go to "Files" and then "7-zip", there is an "i" icon to the right for more information, you get checksums there.

    I too would like to see digital signing of the files with GPG and/or internally as well with a proper certificate.

  • Koopatrooper

    Koopatrooper - 2016-05-22

    Great work.

    I noted that the command line version reports itself as, shouldn't that be instead?

    • Andreas Boehlk

      Andreas Boehlk - 2016-05-25

      No, it is correct, just the leading zero is skipped. The following zeroes are for further versioning, probably not needed at the moment. So 16.02 = 16.2 = =

      @Igor: Thanks for Your great work

  • Tunghsiao Liu

    Tunghsiao Liu - 2016-05-23

    Hi Igor I can no longer open new tickets here, so I here's the Chinese Simplified language update for the new version with some misleading translation fixed.

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2016-05-23

      Yes, if I set "moderation" mode, it's impossible to create new tickets at sourceforge. It's flaw of sourceforge system as I suppose.
      But you still can add new posts to old tickets.

  • qaqz111

    qaqz111 - 2016-05-23

    Is there any network access action in 7zFM.exe?

    My firewall always notify me that 7zFM.exe try to access internet, one of the target address is, what is happenning?

    Can you post a checksum of install packages on download page?

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2016-05-23

      1) 7-Zip doesn't acess internet.

      2) You can find sha1 for package at:
      Then you can download exe package and compare CRC32 or SHA256 for any file inside package and the copy at your system.

      • Alan Ian Ross

        Alan Ian Ross - 2016-05-25

        I was asking myself the same question made by qaqz111.

        In consideration of this kind of "possible" accidents, though, isn't it a little bit too risky to avoid supplying an OFFICIAL CHECKSUM resume on the homepage of 7-zip, and - what's even more important - a digital signature of yours, against which one can control s/he has actually downloaded the legit 7-zip application, and not a fake? (Yes, I know that the case analyzed by ReaQTa is quite another story... but, anyway... )

        By the way: were you already aware of that case?

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