two bugs?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    There are two things which I think thats not normal.
    1. Context menu items:
    It is no problem to change the items, but the translation isn't correct. I chose the german language and the context menu is in english. It is no problem for me but it seems to be incorrrect.
    2. Drop down menu:
    In the main window there is a drop down field (under the Toolbar). But there is no function of this field.

    I use WinXP SP2 (german) and no other archiver ;).
    BTW is it possible to implement a option to chose which of the two windows is active? Otherwise i have to remember myself each time to active the right window by myself.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      1. igor is repairing this within the next beta

      2. same problem at win xp pro sp2

    • Ares

      Ares - 2005-01-15

      I second the bit about implementing an option to choose the active pane inside 7-zip when opening an archive.  I always have to make an effort to click the left window whenever I close it.  And since the above poster likes the right pane, I guess it's best to give people a choice.  Because I love the two panes, but I'm annoyed sometimes when I open archives and I'm like.. well that's not the archive!  Oh wait.. other pane... grrr...  you know? lol



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