Password-protected and encrypted and...

  • martin

    martin - 2004-09-27

    ...the filenames in the archive are still viewable, if you press cancel after being asked for the password.

    What's the idea behind it?
    My idea of password-protecting an archive is more like:
    No one, besides me, should have access to _any_ information stored inside such an archive and that would include the filenames, of course.

    If the idea was to determine the value of the contents, in case you lost the password, before deleting it or trying to brute-force-hack it, then, maybe, hide the filenames after the second letter or hide letters randomly to ensure at least some privacy.

    Not that I'm unhappy with 7-zip as it is, but some features are there for a reason :)

    Like being able to extract multiple archives to individual folders


    to search inside archives for filenames (In case you hit a passw.-prot. archive a dialog like: "archive "xx" is password-protected. please enter the password to search inside this archive or skip it to continue the search" wouldn't hurt too much).

    Such features would make an already essential software even more valuable :)

    Thx Igor!
    And I'd really appreciate it.

    • David Howe

      David Howe - 2004-09-27

      Not sure which version you are on - but on the current version there is a "encrypt filenames" option.

      • martin

        martin - 2004-09-27

        I sent the file in question from the office to myself via e-mail and i think i use v3.13 at work, i definately use it here at home.
        I compressed the paasword-protected file using the PPMd-method and I'm pretty sure I encrypted it too...

        BUT I have to check this tomorrow again before making more false accusations :)

    • martin

      martin - 2004-09-28

      As i canceled the password-query the 7-zip file-manager
      popped up and i saw the contents of the folder which i wanted to hide and was under the false assumption i'd see the contents of the archive.

      Another thing which fooled me was the fact that in unencrypted archives, if there is just one file inside, you can see this filename inside the archive (if you look at the contents with, e.g. notepad) in the last row, seperated by one of those those "black box"-letters after each letter.
      If you have at least two files inside the archive, the filenames aren't visible.

      I didn't know of this "at least two files ->invisible rule"... thought unencrypted archives always show the filenames of the archive-content.

      So, yes, the encryption works perfectly, even with PPMd and i feel a bit foolish know :)


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