"Open Tickets" not managed?

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2016-11-25

    Tickets system at SourceForge didn't allow to prevent spam.
    So now it's not allowed to create new tickets in 7-zip pages.
    If you don't like it, please write to sourceforge and ask them:
    1) improve anti-spam filters.
    2) improve moderation options for tickets system. I could not find any way to set post-moderation mode for ticket creation.

  • AmigoJack

    AmigoJack - 2016-11-25

    My overall question was: why do all 1197 tickets still have the status "open", when I can imagine most of them are implemented by now and should be "closed"?

    On the first 4 pages I see not one ticket which would be spam. I guess you're refering to discussions on a ticket, as I'm unable to create posts there. Since I as a user (and partly as developer) am used to report incidents to ticket systems for each software (as opposed to just start a discussion, because tickets have different requirements than discussion posts) I fear people might feel wasting their time creating tickets when they aren't processed.

    Seems like SourceForge doesn't suit your needs. Setting up at least a BBS on your website (i.e. phpBB which is spam-proof enough [by using your own unique question & answer] so you don't need to waste your time anymore on moderating posts - I can help you with that) and maybe even a ticket system as well might be a better choice after all.

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2016-11-25

    Tickets system in 7-zip is not working now, so there is no need to update all these old tickets.
    Sourceforge antispam filters are bad.
    But I don't want to switch to some another system now.
    Forum works, so we can use it.

    • Franklin Yu

      Franklin Yu - 2016-12-31

      Should there be some rule for the topics that serve as tickets? For example, prefixing the title with "[feature request]" or "[bug]"?


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