Add incremental archive to an existing archive

  • Rajan  Kirpalani

    Rajan Kirpalani - 2014-06-23

    I have a folder containing a source archive. Using this as a starter, I generate an incremental backup everyday. As my source is one month old, my incremental archive generates an archive for all files modified after the date in the source archive. On an everyday basis, I get many of the files in incremental archive being repeated.

    Source archive - Let us say that there are 100 text files from 1.txt to 100.txt
    On day 1 - Let us say that first ten files are modified. This means my incremental archive will have 1.txt to 10.txt
    On day 2 - Let us say the next five files are modified. Now my incremental contains 1.txt to 15.txt even though 1.txt to 10.txt have not been modified after incremental on day 1.

    My question is say after day 1, I need to replace 1.txt to 10.txt to the existing source archive, so that on day 2, I have only 11.txt to 15.txt as my incremental. How do I do it?

    Appreciate your solution to this

    Rajan Kirpalani

    Last edit: Rajan Kirpalani 2014-06-23
  • Shell

    Shell - 2014-06-24

    No way now.

    You may use a batch script to check the modification date and include appropriate files to a list. On Windows, the command will be like the following one:
    for %a in (*) do if %~ta==%date% echo %~a>>list.txt
    and then compress the files from list.txt. Note that %~ta actually returns the time together with the date, so you should modify the command accordingly. Please refer to your command interpreter's manual for further details.


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