New RAR 5 format support

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    I discovered there is a new RAR 5 archive format.

    Please, do you plan to support it ?

    Official website :

    Thank you ;)

  • Richard

    Richard - 2013-05-01

    I don't think it'll really be an issue - not in the long term anyway. Support for a format is dependent on availability of the algorithm. You could never compress RAR in anything but the official tool because the compression algorithm is proprietary, but I'm pretty sure the guys who make WinRAR provided assistance in the development of an open source extractor (which is what 7-Zip uses for extraction).

    If the WinRAR guys were happy for an open source RAR extractor for previous formats, I don't see why they still wouldn't be happen for RAR5. Their only concern is that WinRAR remains the only tool capable of the compression.

    Last edit: Richard 2013-05-01

    In fact, UnRAR 5.x source code is available, so I think it's not a problem.

    See :

    But, because RAR 5 format is not compatible with RAR 4 format, for now 7-Zip cannot extract a RAR 5 archive.

    It's the purpose of my question, to know if 7-Zip will support that new format ;)

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2013-05-01

    Yes, I plan to implement RAR5 extracting.
    But it's not high priority task now.

    • Oleg

      Oleg - 2013-05-01

      Hello Igor,
      7-Zip still better than RAR-5 -> it was checken on big 1C Bases )

      Best regards,


      • Richard

        Richard - 2013-05-02

        To be honest I'm losing faith with 7-Zip. Yeah it's a nice extractor given it's free, but it has big problems. 7-Zip still suffers from this bug:, whereas WinRAR has more relaxed rules about ISOs so long as they're not corrupt and will open them without complaint. The ISOs that suffer from this issue are rare, but I've encountered two of them in recent months which 7-Zip won't open because it's more concerned about technical purity than letting me open them anyway (heck a warning would suffice if necessary).

        That and the fact I can't open a single file in the middle of a .7z archive without 7-Zip having to internally extract the contents until it gets to that point (formats like RAR and Zip allow access at the required location immediately, without requiring forward extraction first). Bit of an issue with multi-gigabyte archives.

        Sorry for the rant. It's been one of those days.

        • Kenneth Miller

          Kenneth Miller - 2013-05-10

          7z (like a few other compressors) by default combines data from multiple files into a single compressed block, significantly improving compression at the expense of random access time. Using a smaller Solid Block size improves access to individual files but gives up some compression.


    I don't understand why you said that about ISO extraction issue, because it seems the bug was fixed by mkisofs team, no ?

    • Richard

      Richard - 2013-05-04

      Yes the bug was fixed, but of course that doesn't fix the existing ISOs which were built with that bug. Plus there's no guarantee some other ISO creation tools don't follow the standard perfectly, which might raise the problem again in the future. If I knew of a way to "repair" the headers of those ISOs that have this problem, I wouldn't complain about 7-Zip as much.

      • Maxime THEPAULT-DENIS

        I admit for now I never encountered that kind of ISO, I have no problem with 7-Zip.

        Because that bug is uncommon, just fix the few of bugged ISO you have is sufficient, no ?

  • Fallon

    Fallon - 2013-05-03

    Quote: 'Yes, I plan to implement RAR5 extracting.'

    Thanks in advance. I use and like both programs.

    RAR5 can be put in WinRAR's default profile.
    For now, the user has to change this first.
    When RAR5 would be implemented as default during automatic setup,
    then RAR5 archives would start to appear quick.

  • Dark Diver

    Dark Diver - 2013-05-10

    RAR 5 has NTFS junctions and symbolic links support (at last one archiver has it).
    Igor, could you ... ;)

  • dos386

    dos386 - 2013-05-23

    To be honest I'm losing faith with 7-Zip. Yeah it's a nice extractor
    given it's free, but it has big problems. 7-Zip still suffers from this bug

    (corrupt ISO)

    The solution (already discussed 1'000'000'000'000 times):

    Add switch "recovery mode / accept broken archives", only tolerable if archive type is also specified. 7-ZIP should not silently accept broken stuff, but allow to extract it if needed.

    Will accept:
    - truncated archives of any type
    - bugged ISO's
    - bugged FAT / NTSC
    - wrong TAR checksums
    - bad CRC32 in ZIP and others

  • tastyratz

    tastyratz - 2013-07-03

    I just wanted to join in here and pitch my vote to getting rar5 suppport ASAP.
    I like using 7z command line support in other programs but I will be recompressing a few tb of games to rar5 because it is SIGNIFICANTLY faster to decompress and testing shows smaller file sizes. 7z is great, but for video game ISO's rar5 wins out.

    Please please PLEASE add support for rar5!!!!

  • NewEraCracker

    NewEraCracker - 2013-09-02

    The latest source code for unRAR is here:

    Please implement this or add ability for the users to implement custom decompression algorithms.

  • adam socha

    adam socha - 2013-09-03

    Final version of WinRAR 5.0 released today!
    Please implement decompiler to 7zip.

  • xanax2

    xanax2 - 2013-10-07

    Any news in development (if any even exist anymore) )about implementing support for new rar format?

  • Mike

    Mike - 2013-11-29

    Using the updated Sharp IMG Viewer version available from you can open RAR 5.0 compressed files, then view and extract content. The application is developed using C# and supports many compressed file formats including 7zip and rar.

  • Querino

    Querino - 2013-12-18

    any news on that subject?

    i really miss this... as long as it's absent, i'm using winrar.
    but i do like the command line of

  • Ricardo

    Ricardo - 2013-12-18

    Considering the slowness of Igor to resolve critical bugs that exist for years, and that this change is low priority, this may take some extra years to happen.

    Moreover, because he does his own implementation of RAR code:

    Anyway, using the original WinRAR is guarantee to get the best stability and reliability for both RAR and Zip formats.

    Last edit: Ricardo 2013-12-18
  • Querino

    Querino - 2013-12-26

    yes, i have the same feeling.

    still sad, as said, i used the 7z.exe in a batch file to unpack a folder
    with many subfolders. hopefully i can do the same with rar.exe

    i even own a legit copy of winrar...

  • null

    null - 2014-04-18

    Please consider adding rar5 issue to faq page. Took me hour to finally find why I can't extract a rar file with 7zip...

    • szfong

      szfong - 2014-06-18

      Please consider adding rar5 issue to faq page. Took me hour to finally find why I can't extract a rar file with 7zip...

      I know Igor WON'T be implementing RAR5 extract support anytime soon, if ever, but I do hope he'll add RAR5 detection as I've also had problems w/ RAR5 files. And had deleted some files that I had thought was damaged.

      How hard can it be to detect a RAR5 file and display a small dialogue box stating it does not currently support such files....

  • DimmY

    DimmY - 2014-04-18

    RAR5 support is a must!

  • eahm

    eahm - 2014-04-26

    When Bandizip adds the feature "Encrypt file names" I'll be pretty much done with 7-Zip. I've used it for a long time but it's getting behind.

    Last edit: eahm 2014-04-26
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