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#980 RAR multipart archive -wrong behavior in extracting.


If you have multipart RAR archive with a single file through many archive parts, seems that the only way you can extract whole file- is to open first part of the archive and choose extract for that file. Then 7zip extracts whole file.
If you open not first part., but r00, r01, etc. you will see needed file but if you choose to extract it will only extract part of that file - what was included into that particular archive part. And 7zip does not show any messages about that and you get only part of file extracted with correct name and useless contend ( as it is only small part of larger file).

1. 7Zip should understand that file is going beyond that part and show it to user.
2. It should extract whole file no matter what part of archive is opened. (or at least prompt to do that. Ability to extract only part of file may be preserved)

Another possible way to do that - force 7zip to check if archive is multipart and prompt to open first part of it (or do so automatically)


  • iysil

    iysil - 2009-09-30

    I can't even get the .rar, .r00, etc files to rebuild the single file that they all collectively hold, no matter which combination of files I use (not even opening the first part works) in the v4.65 GUI under Windows ME. I just resorted to downloading 'unrar' freeware for DOS, and going that route (worked perfect).

    Better RAR support is definitely needed in 7-Zip. Users have been suggesting this for years if you look at all the posts. Some of the trouble might be attributed to the unrar library in use by 7-Zip.

  • Igor Pavlov

    Igor Pavlov - 2009-10-01

    Try 7-Zip 9.07 beta

  • chp

    chp - 2012-02-03

    Confirmed on 9.25 alpha
    Multi-volumed RARs will get erorrs if you open any volume but the first.
    FileManager will show you all the files from all the volumes, but extraction will fail (CRC) on a file which is present in both volumes.

  • chp

    chp - 2012-02-03

    It's even worse:
    1) two volumes part1.rar and par2.rar
    2) open part2.rar and try to extract. result - crc fail on a fail present in both
    3) open part1.rar and try to extactt - no erros (asks to overwrite files > ok)
    result: contents of part1.rar was not extracted at all!

    unfortunately I've deleted 1gb part1.rar and now have to re-download again (50kb/s)

  • Luke

    Luke - 2012-09-13

    I can confirm that this is still an issue with 7.20. It give a "file is broken" error if you try you open the multi-part archive with any file other than the first.


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