Problem with Cygwin

  • Eugene Kotlyarov


    I have problem using 7-max with Cygwin in WixXPsp2. Almost any command gives following error
    C:\Program Files\7-max>7maxc bash

    7-max 4.01  Copyright (c) 2003-2004 Igor Pavlov  2004-08-12
    bash-2.05b$ dir
    g:\prg\cygwin\bin\bash.exe (3732): *** fork: can't reserve memory for stack 0x30
    000 - 0x230000, Win32 error 487

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2005-01-07

      Just don't use 7-max for such applications.
      I don't think that 7-max can help in "bash"

    • Alex Brooks

      Alex Brooks - 2005-02-20

      Yes, Cygwin works a little differently to most other 'apps' in the way it accesses the system.


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