Windows XP SP2 & 7-Max

  • gyMe

    gyMe - 2004-08-17

    I originally heard of 7-Max from during a discussion on Doom 3, someone had suggested it to speed up the gameplay. Naturally curious I download, install, reboot, and am greeted by a BSOD then an automatic reboot. No problem, I had read that several people have reported receiving this error message, so I decided to just uninstall it and forget it.

    Yesterday while reading another thread discussing Windows XP SP2, someone had posted a link to;EN-US;811113 Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 811113 describing what had been fixed in SP2. I noticed this little tidbit of information "Windows XP SP1 may not start with the /3GB or /USERVA switch" which linked to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 328269.

    Since I'm a rebel and had previously installed SP2 for Windows XP I tried to install 7-Max again, and sure enough it worked! I can't say for sure that it will resolve all such issues, but it did resolve it for me.

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2004-08-24

      Thanks for that information.
      BTW, do you know about any results for games?
      Actually 7-max can speed up only applications that use random access to RAM (like archivers).

    • DamentZ

      DamentZ - 2004-09-14

      Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004 i believe i get a more constant FPS.  And maybe 2-4 more frames in some cases.

    • GetLastError

      GetLastError - 2005-11-25

      I've used Umark to benchmarked UT2004 with 16bots at low settings. My machine is a Sempron 2500+ and the avg FPS rose from 50 to 56.8
      What the post above says happened to me. Gameplay became better on a 32players server too, I guess min fps rose somewhat

      • Igor Pavlov

        Igor Pavlov - 2005-11-25

        >My machine is a Sempron 2500+

        Socket A or Socket 754?
        What version of 7-max / Windows?
        What RAM size?

    • GetLastError

      GetLastError - 2005-12-05

      Sempron 1750 MHz (10.5 x 167) 2500+ 256KB cache
      ASRock K7Upgrade-880  (3 PCI, 2 AGP, 1 K8
      512MB DDR400 single channel
      Memory Timings 3-2-2-7-1T
      Radeon 9200SE at 240/200 omega derived from catalyst 5.11, 0xAA, 4xAF

      I'm going to test on:
      P4 Northwood 2.8@3.5
      Memory DualChannel DDR500 2.5-4-3-7
      ASUS P4P800SE
      Radeon 9700Pro at 325/310, same drivers, 2xAA, 4xAF

    • GetLastError

      GetLastError - 2005-12-05

      Socket A
      7max Version 4.01
      Windows SP2
      512MB, using 128MB for 7max

      Use MTRR
      Minimum Block size: 128KB
      Use fast working method


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