• DamentZ

    DamentZ - 2004-09-14

    I just thought i would put in some ideas and ask a few questions since this project interests me a lot.

    Does 7-Max change the management of memory your storing?  Does it reduce fragmentation in memory whilst loading a few programs at a time?
    (ex. Set a 10 mb file loading into memory to allocate 10 mb until it is fully loaded so that it does not fragment).  I don't really know how memory management works but i suppose that would be a great asset as i see all these people trying to get you to use memory "defragmentors" that cost like 30 dollars.

    And, when i attach a program to the 7-max memory management, does it change over to the 7-max memory manager?  It says that it is still occupying 0mb of 7-max memory.

    lol and of course one more bug.  When loading from hibernation or stand-by.  Programs such as AntiVir will give a memory error and i then have to restart the avguard service.

    All these problems i can recreate.

    • Igor Pavlov

      Igor Pavlov - 2004-09-14

      7-Zip is not related to fragmentation problems.
      Read FAQ for more information about 7-max.

      I can write about purposes of 7-max.
      I write 7-zip compression program. And some time ago I discovered that memory access is slower than it can be. It's because windows uses 2-levels mode inside CPU for virtual memory management. But all modern CPUs allow 1-level mode for virtual memory management. It's slightly more complex for system (windows) to use such mode, since it requires some more smart algorithms. But there is some speed gain for some programs. So I rewrite that code to use 1-level mode (4 MB pages).
      CPUs that have advantage in sorted order:
      Duron (most advantage)
      Pentium 4
      Athlon-64 (less advantage).
      When L2 cache is small advantage is larger.
      If Intel will release CPU without L2, 7max will give big gain for it.

      2)  If it says that it is still occupying 0mb of 7-max memory, there will no any gain.

      To get gain:
      1) start 7-max,
      2) start Application with 7-max.
      3) Check that it allocates memory via 7-max.
      4) close 7-max to reduce overhead of 7-max program itself.
      5) use Application.

      It's better if you will not use hibernation and stand-by with 7-max. Windows does not know about memory part allocated to 7-max.

    • DamentZ

      DamentZ - 2004-09-15

      ah thats cool so my athlon xp 2600+ w/ 256kb L2 cache will have a higher advantage than the 512kb L2 cache version?  Oh and the hibernation problem now makes sense and its probably unfixable.

      Is it possible to make your memory manager unique in its file handling instead of just changing the 4 mb pages or does it work in sync with windows so you cant change much?

      • Igor Pavlov

        Igor Pavlov - 2004-09-15

        About L2 cache.
        It can be such performance for some application without/with 7-max:
        512 KB L2 - 100%/110%
        256 KB L2 - 95%/108%
        64 KB L2 -  80%/100%
        NO L2 -  50%/80%.
        These numbers are not real, just to show trend.

        I don't plan to change 7-max. It's too difficult application. And it's luck that it works on some systems. Purposes for 7-max were to check
        1) Can Windows work faster? Answer - yes.
        2) How much faster it can work? Answer - about 10%, but only for special subset of applcations.

        Actually Windows 2003/XP-64bit also support such fast mode. But MS haven't implement it fully. So it can work some time just after rebooting for special precompiled applications, but after some RAM fragmentation it still will use old 4-KB mode mode.

        Linux developers discuss for 3-5 years about using 4 MB pages. But I don't know current state of that question in Linux. If somebody knows, please write here.

    • paulerickson

      paulerickson - 2005-02-13

      I recently (45min or so ago) installed 7-max.  I did a little 7-zip test of my own, with no improvement - probably because of my processor.  For anything I run, I also get a 0 in 7-max.
      I also feel that 7-max would be much better if features such as defragmentation and more intelligent automatic options.  Despite my processor, can I adjust a setting or something to get some worthwhile utilization?

      In case it starts messing up windows, does booting from the normal entry act as effective uninstallation?

      • Igor Pavlov

        Igor Pavlov - 2005-02-14

        Probably you must allocate more RAM for 7-max.
        Write about your settings.

        > does booting from the normal entry act as effective uninstallation?

        7-Max can work only with these two switches:
        /MAXMEM=xxx /3GB

    • paulerickson

      paulerickson - 2005-02-19

      Total mem: 512
      7-max mem: 128
      System mem: 384
      Minimal Block Size: 1024
      Using memory type range registers
      Using fast working method

    • paulerickson

      paulerickson - 2005-02-19

      Correction--I ran 7-zip again, compressing files with more rigorous settings, and 7-max did use 84MB ram.
      Is file compression really the only thing that takes advantage?

      • Igor Pavlov

        Igor Pavlov - 2005-02-24

        >Is file compression really the only thing that takes advantage?

        7-max provides gain for programs that use random access to big amounts of memory. Maybe some game/database/scientific algorithms also need it. I don't know.

    • Link

      Link - 2009-02-19

      I will try this later, as I am unable to do so at this time; but is 7 max theoretically an aid for programs like MediaCoder (video conversion), or general encryption apps?

      • Igor Pavlov

        Igor Pavlov - 2009-02-19

        Maybe it can give additional 1-2% of speed.


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