LordHellraiser - 2005-04-27

I was using 7-max for a while and speeds up some apps some don't, I found that process who uses a lot of time in the processor are caught by 7-max and not the ones who uses a lot of video/ram.

In my older PC (PIII 1.0, 384MB RAM, 8MB video integrated) gain speed:

Quake III Arena
Winamp (if has decoding set to realtime)
DVD Decoder
DVD Shrink
dbPowerAMP Music Converter
Diablo II LoD

q1: How can I start an app with parameters?
q2: How to place/modify a shortcut to always the application with 7-max?
q3: Why 7 (7-zip, 7-max)?

BTW Igor, 7-zip and 7-max rules!