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First RPM for Redhat 8.0 released - please try it out

I have managed to finally get around to updating the RPM spec file to work with Redhat 8.0 (Gnome 2.0) and have synced up the 2.1 series with 2.1.3.

Please try it out if you can and report any problems to the seti-applet sourceforge bug tracker.


Posted by Richard Kinder 2003-03-09

Gnome 2.2 version released

Please check it out - it is an alpha release, but it works and has no crasher bugs that I know about :)

Posted by Richard Kinder 2003-01-28

GNOME 2.0 version now in CVS - please try it out if you can

Everyone who can, please see if you can get the applet code in CVS to work with your installation of the GNOME 2.0 desktop. The branch to check out is UNSTABLE_BRANCH_1_9

The latest version contains major code cleanups, and will introduce new features such as skins and sound.

Posted by Richard Kinder 2002-04-09

seti_applet survey

A survey is available on the seti_applet development pages at

Tell me what you want from a new version!

Posted by Richard Kinder 2001-11-05

Coming soon...

Work has not stalled on the seti-applet, simply pre-empted by life! I think the 'development' release has been brewing long enough now, within the next week or so there should be a new stable (0.4.0) which will fix all the bugs I can think of for now (no bug reports have come in for many many moons). Coming within a couple of weeks of this will be the next unstable release (0.5.0) which should have all sorts of cool features (including the pending feature requests) along with a nice new more flexible architecture which should greatly simplify feature additions in the future.

Posted by Richard Kinder 2001-06-08

New release - PLEASE UPGRADE!

A new - less leaky - seti_applet is now available. I implore you to:
1)Upgrade immediately to 0.3.3 and jump up and down on all copies of 0.3.2 (before it squashes you!)
2)NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE WHATSOEVER (not that bad, really!) run 0.3.2 with the option '-verbose' without opening the console window. IT WILL EVENTUALLY CRASH YOUR COMPUTER - it trashed my 384 meg machine after allocating ~1gig of memory over 6 hours.... read more

Posted by Richard Kinder 2000-11-08

Code now in CVS

The source tarball is now available in the CVS repository for seti-applet on sourceforge.

Posted by Richard Kinder 2000-10-03

New release

seti_applet version 0.3.1 is released. Minor changes - extra state for the orientation on a tiny side panel - shows only a small radar dish with a tooltip displaying the current unit processed. Major re-write of underlying structures and major code cleanups.

Posted by Richard Kinder 2000-09-27