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Sesame / News: Recent posts

Elmo 1.4 released

This is the first release to support unmodified POJO classes as Elmo concepts. It adds new and faster persist methods and also changes the behaviour of merge to only add new values and does not remove existing values. Most of the changes in this release were from user suggestions and feedback - thank you. For details on the improved API please see the Elmo User Guide or the new Getting Started Guide.

Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2008-12-17

Sesame 2.2.3 released

Sesame 2.2.3 fixes a serious issue in one of the query optimizers and restores the inclusion of the javadoc in the distribution files. See the release notes for more info.

Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2008-12-17

Sesame 2.2, Mulgara Sail 2.2 & Elmo 1.2 released

Major improvements all arround. Check out the release notes for more info.

Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2008-09-12

Sesame 2.1.1 released

Sesame 2.1.1 has been released, fixing five issues from the previous release. See the changelog for more info.

Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2008-05-14

Sesame 2.0.1 released

Sesame 2.0.1 fixes a number of bugs that have been found in 2.0, but contains some
improvements too. First of all, the last two SPARQL issues have been resolved,
which means that Sesame now passes the complete SPARQL compliance test suite.
Second, we corrected a bug that seriously affected query optimization for the
memory store. The update performance of the memory store has been improved too.
Finally, some general query model optimizations have been implemented, which
should improve the query performance of some queries on both the native store and
the memory store.

Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2008-03-18

Sesame 2.0-beta6 released

We just released the sixth beta release for Sesame 2.0. We have put the three
months since the previous release to good use. Highlights for this release are:

  • SPARQL support.
    Sesame now supports most of the SPARQL query language. There are only two
    things that remain on the TODO list for the next release: query result
    ordering (ORDER BY) and proper dataset support (partially implemented now).... read more
Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2007-10-12

Sesame 2.0-beta5 released

Sesame 2.0-beta5 is a bugfix release that contains many large and small improvements in functionality and performance. Some changes worth mentioning explicitly are:

  • the RDF model objects now implement Serializable
  • RIO now has support for the TriG serialization format
  • a bug in the HTTP communication preventing querying of inferred triples has been fixed
  • various improvements in the behaviour and performance of the OpenRDF Workbench and the Console... read more
Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2007-07-05

Sesame 1.2.7 and Rio 1.0.10 released

These are releases to wrap up bug fixes that have been uncovered in the past months. Also, thanks to Stephen Allen of BBN Technologies, the memory consumption required to add (large) RDF files to an HTTPRepository has been significantly reduced.

Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2007-06-12

Elmo 1.0-alpha4 released

Elmo 1.0-alpha4 contains a large amount of API changes. This release now supports dynamic modules, behaviour factories, and behaviour rules.

Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2007-05-24

Sesame 2.0-beta4 released

Main new feature of Sesame 2.0-beta4 is its RDF-based server configuration. All Sesame server now have a SYSTEM repository that stores configuration data, the old XML-based configuration mechanism is now deprecated. Further, this release contains some API refinements and a number of important bug fixes.

Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2007-05-24

Sesame 2.0-beta3 released

Sesame 2.0-beta3 addresses a number of smaller and larger bugs and improvements, including several issues in the HTTP client-server communication, such as the clear operation and the handling of context.

For a more detailed overview, see the release notes at

Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2007-04-06

Sesame 2.0-beta2 released

The second beta release of Sesame 2.0 fixes a number of smaller and larger bugs found in beta1 and additionally features some improvements. Several concurrency-related issues in the SailConnection were fixed, as well as some problems in the handling of context varargs. See for an overview of changes.

Posted by Jeen Broekstra 2007-03-09

Sesame 2.0-alpha-4 released

The next step towards the Sesame 2.0 final is here. Read the release notes for details.

Posted by Herko ter Horst 2006-11-02

Sesame 1.2.6 and Rio 1.0.9 released

Sesame 1.2.6 features a major improvement in the performance of the SeRQL string-comparison operator (LIKE) on MySQL and PostgreSQL backends. Improvement factors of 10 to 100 have been seen on several test queries.

Furthermore, a number of other issues were fixed, most notably a problem in the native store potentially causing data corruption.

Posted by Herko ter Horst 2006-11-02

Sesame 1.2.5 and Rio 1.0.8 released

Sesame 1.2.5 fixes a memory leak that was present in the used commons-fileupload utility and that affected Sesame servers. It also fixes a bug in the query optimizer that was introduced in version 1.2.4 that prevented specific queries from being evaluated. Sesame 1.2.5 includes Rio 1.0.8, which has an updated Turtle parser that allows upper case language tags to be used.

Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2006-06-15

Sesame 1.2.4 and Rio 1.0.7 released

Sesame 1.2.4 features an improved query optimizer, an improved indexing schema for the RDBMS Sail and fixes for several issues. Sesame 1.2.4 includes Rio 1.0.7, which features an updated Turtle parser & writer and fixes an issue with the RDF/XML parser. The output of the N3 writer has been updated to comply with the current specification; the N3 writer currently uses a Turtle writer internally, which generates N3-compatible documents.

Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2006-02-07

Sesame 2.0-alpha-3 released

Sesame 2.0-alpha-3 is a release that fixes a major bug in the SPARQL engine of Sesame 2 (which made it unusable in the previous release). Additionally, it contains a few performance improvements and even a new feature: the command console.

Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2006-02-06

Sesame 2.0-alpha-2 released

The second alpha release of Sesame 2.0 offers a number of major improvements:

  • Java 5.
    All Sesame access APIs are now extensively
    using Java 5 features, making code easier,
    clearer and more reliable.
  • Native Store.
    The Native Store has been ported and extended
    to support context.
  • Pull-based Query.
    The Query Model has been redesigned to allow
    client-controlled streaming retrieval of
    query results.
Posted by Jeen Broekstra 2006-01-20

Sesame 1.2.3 and Rio 1.0.6 released

Sesame 1.2.3 and Rio 1.0.6 are both maintenance releases, fixing several issues. Most notably, the Turtle parser has been updated to the latest specs. More information can be found at

Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2005-12-08

Elmo 0.2

This release features significant improvements to the core of Elmo, increasing the scalability and efficiency of Elmo applications. Elmo is now also compatible with the Apache Commons BeanUtils package and the Spring Framework.

Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2005-11-16

Sesame 1.2 release candidate 1

Sesame 1.2 features major extensions to the SeRQL RDF query language, including query nesting, existential quantification and set-algebraic operations. For a full description of changes see the ChangeLog or the project's homepage at

Posted by Jeen Broekstra 2005-05-11

Rio 1.0 released

We released version 1.0 of the Rio RDF parser toolkit today. Rio 1.0 is the first seperate release of the parser that supports the Terse RDF Triple Language, or Turtle, format.

The Rio Parser Toolkit is spinoff release from the Sesame framework, for those developers who require a fast and small RDF parser/writer in Java, but do not require the full functionality of the Sesame framework. Rio supports fast parsing and writing of RDF/XML, NTriples and Turtle and has support for xsd datatype handling/normalization.

Posted by Jeen Broekstra 2004-10-01

Sesame 1.0.1 released

Sesame 1.0.1 fixes a number of issues that were uncovered in the 1.0 release. Most importantly, it fixes a security issue that allowed anonymous users to gain full access to repositories of other users that were logged in. Please check out the Change Log for more details.

Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2004-04-28

Sesame 0.97 released

Release 0.97 of Sesame includes a new repository API, that
enables transparent access to repositories. Furthermore, several
improvements have been made to the web interface and several
issues have been solved to make the parsing and inferencing compliant to the latest round of RDF specs.

Posted by Jeen Broekstra 2003-11-21

Sesame 0.96 released

Version 0.96 is the "SeRQL release". Several powerful new features have been added to the SeRQL query language. This includes support for querying direct subclass/subproperty/type relations, optional path expressions and number comparisons.

Further changes include performance optimizations for the RDF/XML parser and RdbmsSail and a number of bug fixes. Please see the Release Notes for more info.

Posted by Arjohn Kampman 2003-09-24