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[ddcfc3] by rtoy rtoy

Fix issue noted by Helmut Eller that (collect (scan '(1 2 3))) was not
optimized. Solution pointed out by Helmut too.

o LIFT-OUT-VARS needs to return CODE instead of NIL if there are no
variables to be lifted.

o Add test that series should optimize (collect (scan '(1 2 3))) to
just '(1 2 3) during macroexpansion.

2010-07-28 19:11:00 Tree
[c94c44] by rtoy rtoy

Initial version.

2010-07-26 12:33:51 Tree
[26b494] by rtoy rtoy

Oops. As Helmut points out, REPORT-ERROR should use CL:LET, not LET.

2010-07-26 12:23:17 Tree
[b342cf] by rtoy rtoy

Fix from Helmut Eller:

The functions ERS, WRS, and RRS call ERROR resp. WARN with empty
strings. This is annoying when working with Slime. I propose to
change that: instead of printing the messages to *error-output*
and calling ERROR with an empty string it's better to pass the
message to ERROR and let the compiler print it.

2010-07-25 20:06:04 Tree
[ca4ba3] by rtoy rtoy

Apply some portability fixes from Helmut Eller.

o Use SERIES::COMPILER-LET in test 491. Remove other
conditionalizations for this test as well.
o Bind *print-case* to :upcase for test 562, in case the value of
*print-case* is not the expected.

2010-07-25 19:55:27 Tree
[21a4b2] (SERIES-2_2_11) by rtoy rtoy

Update version number.

2010-06-12 17:26:42 Tree
[dc4ae4] by rtoy rtoy

Update notes for 2.2.11 release.

2010-06-12 17:22:12 Tree
[505327] by rtoy rtoy

Changes to make series work with ccl.

o Remove the eval-when around the defstructs. (Could this be a bug in
ccl?) This works fine with cmucl and clisp.
o Define the generator type for ccl too.
o Remove the double definition of the foundation-series type for cmucl
and clisp. Not needed anymore with cmucl 20a and clisp 2.47.

2010-06-11 02:16:02 Tree
[33adc0] by rtoy rtoy

Feature request 2295778 - don't ignore fill-pointer
Patch 2298394 - patch for #2295778

o Patch applied

2010-06-04 14:21:07 Tree
[f559a3] by rtoy rtoy

Bug ID: 2212396

Update for CCL, which doesn't have :mcl in *features* anymore.

2008-11-28 20:38:30 Tree
[9df3e6] by rtoy rtoy

Bug 2165712: Export COLLECT-IGNORE functionality

o Add better docstring for COLLECT-IGNORE.



2008-10-27 16:25:58 Tree
[35c151] (SERIES_2_2_10) by rtoy rtoy

Update release notes.

2008-10-27 14:34:17 Tree
[94f5d1] by rtoy rtoy

Support SCL. Just add scl conditionalizations where we have cmucl
ones, and convert uppercase symbols and symbol-names to use
symbol-name and uninterned symbols. This is to support scl's default
"modern" mode.

Changes from Stelian Ionescu.

2008-10-27 14:24:53 Tree
[81208c] by rtoy rtoy

Add support for ecl.

(From Stelian Ionescu.)

2008-10-27 14:19:23 Tree
[40e33a] by rtoy rtoy

Change default test for SCAN-ALIST to EQL instead of EQ.

2007-08-08 15:07:45 Tree
[a8de5a] by rtoy rtoy

o Update docstrings

o Correct the documentation for COLLECT-MAX and COLLECT-MIN.

2007-08-08 13:36:56 Tree
[d6e87b] by rtoy rtoy

o Update docstrings with more descriptive strings.

o Document SCAN-STREAM.

2007-08-08 03:42:43 Tree
[825a25] by rtoy rtoy

Make the #Z reader signal an error if we are trying to create an
infinite literal series. Series doesn't support that.

2007-07-31 21:14:11 Tree
[e58de8] by rtoy rtoy

Document SPREAD.

2007-07-17 15:10:49 Tree
[2e4891] by rtoy rtoy

o Add an optimizer for SERIES and update appropriately for the normal
path and the optimized path. This is needed so that (series t nil)
returns #z(t nil t nil ...) instead of #z(list t nil list t nil ...)

o Add two tests for SERIES. The tests need some work, but are based
on the errors reported by Szymon 'tichy' on comp.lang.lisp on Jul 7,

2007-07-10 17:45:46 Tree
[b5a6ff] by rtoy rtoy

Get rid of a warning message. Don't know why the warning is done at

2007-02-06 21:10:38 Tree
[12aa21] by rtoy rtoy

Lispworks wants an eval-when around coerce-maybe-fold. From Chris
Dean, 2005/12/09.

2005-12-13 14:40:30 Tree
[711127] (SERIES_2_2_9) by rtoy rtoy

Update notes.

2005-11-15 15:25:35 Tree
[6f4f40] by rtoy rtoy

Update version.

2005-11-15 15:08:49 Tree
[09c62f] by rtoy rtoy

ANSI CL says a declaration cannot also be the name of a type, so
remove the declaration for SERIES.

2005-11-15 15:07:57 Tree
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