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[9d5e53] (SERIES_2_2_4) by rtoy rtoy

Update notes for release 2.2.4.

2000-10-02 13:35:33 Tree
[d335a6] by rtoy rtoy

o Add some comments.
o Add a template for LOCALLY. (MCL works now!!!!)
o Move the OPTIF macro before it's first use in EOPTIF-Q. Seems that
this is required according to the CLHS. (Noticed by Rainer Joswig.)

Thanks to Rainer for testing this on MCL. MCL passes all of the

2000-10-01 23:07:28 Tree
[76ae83] by rtoy rtoy

Bug #115738:

Use remove-if-not instead of delete-if-not in delete-aux-if-not. This
was causing CLISP to fail test 530.

(I'm not sure about this. It seems there's some shared list structure
with CLISP that doesn't happen in CMUCL. However, I think it's safe
to cons up a new list instead of destructively modifying the

2000-09-30 21:44:41 Tree
[1f3b58] by rtoy rtoy

o Rainer Joswig points out that in several places we use lisp:let.
Make that common-lisp:let.
o Rainer also points out we reference the package USER. Make that
o We want to be in the COMMON-LISP-USER package for all platforms.
o Test 491 was failing because it didn't have access to compiler-let.
Add a version for CLISP.

2000-09-22 16:01:43 Tree
[793963] by rtoy rtoy

Add support for MCL (from Rainer Joswig).

2000-09-22 15:58:39 Tree
[310039] by rtoy rtoy

Update notes for 2.2.3.

2000-09-17 11:53:08 Tree
[5213db] by rtoy rtoy

Add test to catch bug 113625: scan doesn't scan constants very well.

2000-09-05 15:54:57 Tree
[e5363a] by rtoy rtoy

Fix bug 113625: scan doesn't scan constants very well.

Solution: If it's a symbol, take the value of the symbol. (Not sure
this is quite correct, but it works and the other tests pass without

2000-09-05 15:54:09 Tree
[82cc37] by rtoy rtoy

Add a test to catch the bug that (collect 'vector (scan '(1 2 3)))
was returning the result in reverse order.

2000-06-26 18:17:14 Tree
[5f9210] by rtoy rtoy

Fix for bug #108331: collect 'vector sometimes returns results in
reverse order. Example is (collect 'vector (scan '(1 2 3))).

2000-06-26 18:11:26 Tree
[fc8dc5] by rtoy rtoy

o Add some comments
o Newer versions of defsystem require the package prefix. Add it.

2000-06-26 15:32:51 Tree
[f36bc9] by rtoy rtoy

DECODE-SEQ-TYPE was getting BASE-STRING and STRING mashed together,
and didn't even handle BASE-STRING. They are slightly different:
BASE-STRING is composed of BASE-CHAR's and STRING is composed of

2000-06-26 15:28:19 Tree
[5fc582] by matomira matomira

polycall et all are now tail recursive.

2000-03-28 10:23:49 Tree
[c1a2ce] by matomira matomira

Removed gratuitous consing in map-fn.
Added install and system files.

2000-03-25 22:16:57 Tree
[f036de] (SERIES_2_2) by matomira matomira

- (collect 'set
Collects a series into a list removing any duplicates in the most efficient way possible.
- (collect 'ordered-set
Collects a series into a list removing any duplicates but keeping the original series order.
- SCAN now allows to drop the type specifier for any source expression
[:cltl2-series reactivates the old 'list assumption]
- SCAN now can scan multidimensional arrays in row-major order.

- Better code generation
. Some fixnum declarations were further constrained.
. Optimized scanning of constant sequences.
. Somewhat optimized scanning of "empty" vectors, ie,
declared to be of constant 0 length, like in
(collect (scan '(vector t 0) <gimme-a-huge-array-to-throw-away>)
now gives you NIL generating/executing less instructions.
[<gimme-a-huge-array-to-throw-away> is still executed if not constantp,

. Variables of type NULL are replaced by constant NILs.

- Some incorrect fixnum declarations were relaxed.
- Improved some declarations to avoid spurious range warnings regarding
dead code by not-so-smart compilers.

2000-03-23 23:04:11 Tree
[6dab5f] by matomira matomira

- Reinstated plain generation support.
- Fixed letified merge-frags bug.
- Adapted handle-dflow and non-series-merge for letification.
- Spawned list->frag1 from list->frag.
- define-optimizable-series-function uses list->frag1 to
support letification.
- Still can't handle all initial fragL bindings because off-line handling
seems to move prologs into TAGBODYs.

2000-03-21 18:19:24 Tree
[b1e702] (SERIES_2_1_3) by matomira matomira

Uses LOCALLY for `uninitialized' variables.
MERGE-FRAGS no longer depends on frag component order.
purity component of frag is now just a symbol.
Abstracted use of prolog component of frags.
Full letification works.
Improved merging when letified.
Last version withiout series library definitions requiring letification.

2000-03-18 19:27:35 Tree
[c19e6f] (SERIES_2_1) by matomira matomira

Workaround for ACL 5.0.1 TAGBODY bug added.
ALL-TIME SERIES BUG FIX: wrappers now inserted more precisely.
GENERATOR deftyped to CONS, not LIST, when necessary.
Abstracted use of wrapper component of frags.

2000-03-14 10:52:34 Tree
[6ff610] by matomira matomira

Letification works.
Started purity analysis.

2000-03-10 12:52:45 Tree
[f8b91a] (SERIES_2_0_3) by matomira matomira

Added GENERATOR deftype bugfix for ACL.
Letification is almost there.

2000-03-09 13:33:07 Tree
[ce3a58] (SERIES_2_0_2) by matomira matomira

Fixed Missing CL: before FUNCALL bug in DESTARRIFY.
Fixed fragL instead of *fragL bug in COLLECT.

2000-03-08 18:27:35 Tree
[f59841] by matomira matomira

Continued work on letification.

2000-03-08 12:36:31 Tree
[18791d] by matomira matomira

Removed gratuitous sorting in CODIFY.

2000-03-07 13:47:23 Tree
[eddcb6] by matomira matomira

Abstracted all uses of a frag's aux component.

2000-03-07 08:54:20 Tree
[e53506] by matomira matomira

Replaced IF by WHEN in non-output code when possible.
Abstracted use of aux frag field.

2000-03-06 18:24:35 Tree
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