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[9915e4] by rtoy rtoy

Apply fixes from Hannu Koivisto to support sbcl. Also added asdf
support. His comments:

* series.asd:
* Initial checkin.
* series.system:
* Removed logical pathname stuff and made this "self-sufficient", i.e. it is
sufficient to just load it; no need to edit pathname translations.
* Removed s-install from series system; we certainly don't want Series to
install itself to CL-USER whenever the system is compiled/loaded.

* s-test.lisp:
* Replaced all uses of defconstant with series::defconst-once.

* s-package.lisp:
* sb-cltl2 module is now required at compile time too.

* s-code.lisp:
* (defconst-once) New macro.
* Replaced all uses of defconstant with it.

* Installation instructions based on system definition files.
* Updated the list of contributors.
* Some cosmetic changes.

2004-12-15 17:18:59 Tree
[a80a00] by rtoy rtoy

From Alexey Dejneka:

o Add support for SBCL
o Import COMPILER-LET from SBCL.

2003-06-08 12:53:21 Tree
[2d2538] by rtoy rtoy

From Alexey Dejneka:

o Add support for SBCL
o Fix a missing initialization of temp.

2003-06-08 12:52:40 Tree
[beb5f5] by rtoy rtoy

Add support for CMUCL 18e which no longer has
pcl::walk-form-macroexpand. It's walker::macroexpand-all.

2003-01-21 20:12:40 Tree
[55d27a] (SERIES_2_2_7) by rtoy rtoy

Update notes for clisp macrolet code walker.

2002-12-12 04:30:22 Tree
[257f5c] by rtoy rtoy

Add another test. (Forgot exactly why this is here, but it's a good
test of the macrolet walker for Clisp.)

2002-12-12 04:28:50 Tree
[307fb5] by rtoy rtoy

Add support for a macrolet code-walker for Clisp.

2002-12-12 04:27:41 Tree
[3430e1] by rtoy rtoy

Update notes for 2.2.7.

2002-12-11 04:29:35 Tree
[20bfb8] by rtoy rtoy

o Update /allowed-generic-opts/ to include SYSTEM::READ-ONLY for CLISP
CMUCL doesn't try to dump functions directly to a FASL file. Fixes
bug 498418: cmucl doesn't like dumping functions.

2002-12-11 04:03:26 Tree
[450531] by rtoy rtoy

Previous patch failed some tests. Let's try this
again. PROMOTE-SERIES returns an extra arg telling us what it did. We
use that to decide if we want the car or not of the item.

2002-12-10 19:36:32 Tree
[94a443] by rtoy rtoy

Bug [ 516952 ] only optimized split-if works

A gross hack to fix this has been applied. The wrong things were
passed to pos-if in some situations.

2002-12-10 17:55:46 Tree
[bd3d1d] by rtoy rtoy

From Joe Marshall:

I found a bug in `scan-fn-opt' that caused an unbound variable
when the initialization thunk in scan-fn refers to a lexical
variable, and there is a test function.

The existing code calls `handle-fn-call' to invoke the thunks
for scanning. handle-fn-call keeps track of free variable references.
When calling it the last time, you pass in T as the last argument.

In the case where there was a test expression, however, the
order of calling handle-fn-call changes making the *second* to last
call have the T argument, rather than the last. By re-ordering the
way scan-fn-opt expands the thunks, this is fixed.

2002-06-03 17:53:14 Tree
[1d594c] by rtoy rtoy

Should not macroexpand declarations? I think this is right. I think
I did it right, but needs more testing.

2002-03-29 23:53:38 Tree
[52f1ad] by rtoy rtoy

Import original documentation from Richard Waters for the 09/02/1992
version of series.

2002-03-25 17:57:48 Tree
[eb68fd] by rtoy rtoy

Update release notes.

2002-01-01 16:17:32 Tree
[ad764f] by rtoy rtoy

COMPILER-LET is in the EXT package in Clisp now.

2001-12-23 17:11:17 Tree
[89fe42] by rtoy rtoy

Make series support Allegro "modern" lisp with its case-sensitive
reader. Mostly just making every that needs to be lower case actually
lower case. The tests still work.

2001-12-23 16:54:44 Tree
[d78a43] by rtoy rtoy

Some changes from Joe Marshall for Allegro which apparently doesn't
fold constants in coerce. These changes only apply to Allegro.

2001-08-31 15:51:54 Tree
[00aebe] by rtoy rtoy

Reinstate test 466, but change the bogus &foo to &key. We're testing
for unsupported lambda options.

2001-08-24 14:10:17 Tree
[bdf4ae] by rtoy rtoy

o Comment out test 466 because I don't understand what this is really
supposed to test.
o Update test 491 for Clisp version 2.27 which has compiler-let in the
EXT package.
o Tests 549-551 should apply to all lisps, not just Symbolics.

2001-08-23 22:21:59 Tree
[a4cb5a] by rtoy rtoy

o Change series printer to output items one at a time instead of
gathering up everything before printing.
o Add more detailed doc strings for some functions.

2001-04-10 17:22:33 Tree
[cd20e9] by rtoy rtoy

o Random re-indents so I can read the code better
o The latest versions of CMUCL's PCL have a better code walker that
allows us to do a macroexpand, ala lispworks.
o For CMUCL, use its list pretty-printer for printing out series.
It looks much better. But may be a problem if the series is
infinite. We won't get any output at all. (I think the original
would produce output and just never stop.)

2001-04-09 22:18:47 Tree
[20b702] (SERIES_2_2_5) by rtoy rtoy

*** empty log message ***

2001-04-09 19:53:44 Tree
[8c8f19] by rtoy rtoy

Stupid typo commenting (too much) stuff out.

2001-04-09 19:52:34 Tree
[3964dc] by rtoy rtoy

Notes for 2.2.5.

2001-04-09 17:07:44 Tree
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